and .


21:32 Ticket #793 (Rewrite io.t and ifunless.t in PIR) closed by whiteknight
fixed: Thanks for the patches! Applied in r39804. I'm closing this ticket, you …
20:41 Ticket #793 (Rewrite io.t and ifunless.t in PIR) created by flh
The attached patches rewrite the test files io.t and ifunless.t from perl5 …
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19:15 BigProjectIdeas edited by whiteknight
19:13 HllInteroperability edited by tene
Add more to the usage example (diff)
19:05 HllInteroperability edited by tene
Wiki Markup (diff)
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Add a comment (diff)
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Add a usage example (diff)
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Add examples. (diff)
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18:50 HllInteroperability created by tene
14:14 Ticket #792 (Bug in subroutine calling conventions) created by Axle
When running this code with the command 'parrot -': .sub 'main' :main …
11:05 Ticket #791 (Crash on PBC execution under Windows Server 2003) created by mvuets
The crash happens on Rakudo, abc and several other languages. I'll show an …
07:53 ProposedParrotsketchProtocol created by cotto
copypasta Whiteknight++'s message, plus formatting changes and my input
07:23 RewritingPMCsInNQP edited by cotto
add some comments (diff)
07:18 RewritingPMCsInNQP edited by cotto
add some example L1 code, although any relation to the implemented L1 is … (diff)
06:11 RewritingPMCsInNQP edited by cotto
direct C function calls in nqp (diff)
05:46 LevelOne edited by Austin_Hastings
Added link to cotto's page (diff)
05:40 RewritingPMCsInNQP created by cotto
first version, no examples yet


23:01 Ticket #730 ([bug] IMCC chokes on unicode strings as method call names) closed by chromatic
23:00 Ticket #688 (Fakecutable creation by pbc_to_exe is critically slow for large PBC files.) closed by chromatic
fixed: Let's call this resolved and file more specific tickets as necessary.
21:34 LevelOne edited by Austin_Hastings
21:14 LevelOne created by Austin_Hastings
Created L1 overall page
21:11 BigProjectIdeas edited by Austin_Hastings
Added table, L1 entry. (diff)
19:49 APIFuncRenaming edited by whiteknight
add two changes from Coke++ (diff)
19:25 APIFuncRenaming created by whiteknight
creating some initial lists of things that can be removed/renamed
19:12 WikiStart edited by whiteknight
create a page to talk about the ongoing work to rename and evaluate … (diff)
19:02 BigProjectIdeas edited by whiteknight
created some scaffolding and some basic "sizes" that we can use to … (diff)
18:58 BigProjectIdeas created by whiteknight
18:55 WikiStart edited by whiteknight
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18:15 Ticket #35 (./parrot with no args leaks memory) closed by coke
10:10 ParrotQuotes edited by Infinoid
04:41 Ticket #790 (remove hcf dynop) created by coke
This joke has gone too far; I agree with doughera's post elsewhere about …


21:41 Ticket #789 (Make All PMCs Subclassable) created by whiteknight
Several core PMC types are not subclassable because they have attributes …
16:58 Ticket #788 (Audit PDD30 compliance) created by jkeenan
Parrot Design Document 30: Installation (docs/pdds/pdd30_install.pod) …
15:56 Ticket #787 (add vtables for: get_pmc_keyed{_int,_str,}_lvalue ; and similarly for ...) created by japhb
See discussion starting at: …
15:36 Ticket #786 (config step auto::gettext throws warnings on Darwin/PPC) created by jkeenan
This ticket concerns warnings generated during Configure.pl during …
15:08 L1Recap edited by cotto
basic copyediting and clarity changes (diff)
14:29 L1Recap edited by whiteknight
removing stuff that was intended only for the blog post (diff)
14:26 L1Recap created by whiteknight
create page about L1 with info originally drafted on my blog
14:25 WikiStart edited by whiteknight
create a page to hold info about L1 as discussed at YAPC (diff)
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particle's a luminary (diff)
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