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02:08 Ticket #779 ([tools] modify fetch_languages.pl to only fetch a specific language) closed by Infinoid
fixed: Yes, it needs two hyphens before the lang=<hll>. That seems sane. …


23:46 Ticket #799 (Configure should explicitly check for symbolic link capability on Linux) created by Austin_Hastings
I'm running linux for Parrot work, but the underlying filesystem is NTFS, …
12:10 Ticket #798 ([BUG] and [PATCH] SDL Font color is wrong) created by richardh
<parrot>/example/sdl/blue_font.pir is rarely blue and changes each time it …


21:04 Ticket #797 (Eliminate need to expand Makefile variables in parrot_config and other ...) created by jkeenan
This ticket represents conversion of a thread on parrot-dev into a Trac …
17:42 Ticket #796 (Rewrite globals.t and integer.t in PIR) created by flh
The attached patches rewrite globals.t and integer.t in PIR, instead of …
17:26 Ticket #795 (Kill Parrot_sub structure) created by whiteknight
The Sub PMC has a single attribute, a Parrot_sub structure. Likewise, the …
15:26 Ticket #794 (split opcode should respect HLL mappings) created by coke
Split calls Parrot_str_split, which unconditionally generates a …
13:42 Ticket #769 (downloads link on parrot.org points to wrong tarball) closed by whiteknight
fixed: This got resolved a while ago. Closing ticket.
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