and .


19:53 Ticket #804 (Avoid entering inner runloop when catching a exception thrown from C with ...) created by NotFound
The attached patch modifies Parrot_ex_throw_from_c to avoid entering a new …
16:49 Ticket #803 (PCT emits bogus code for getattribute on named register variable) created by Austin_Hastings
When I have a 'register' variable holding a PMC, references to an …
15:20 Ticket #802 (freeze opcode segfaults on working bytecode from Rakudo) created by mberends
The following compiles bytecode from PIR and perl6 source strings and …
06:57 RewritingPMCsInNQP edited by cotto
change existing example to minimize changes to nqp, add pmc_new (diff)
04:58 Ticket #778 (Make FileHandle Subclassable) closed by allison
duplicate: We can't use the same buffering for the different I/O sources anyway, so …


22:00 Ticket #801 (Rewrite capture.t in PIR) closed by Infinoid
fixed: Thanks, applied in r39855.


21:55 WikiStart edited by whiteknight
Add a link here to a page about installation. This may be the wrong page, … (diff)
21:39 Ticket #796 (Rewrite globals.t and integer.t in PIR) closed by Infinoid
fixed: Replying to flh: > My mistake, the last test was actually …
20:46 HllInteroperability edited by japhb
19:54 HllInteroperability edited by japhb
Add Trac Ticket numbers for two existing General Issues (diff)
19:49 Ticket #801 (Rewrite capture.t in PIR) created by flh
I'm not getting bored yet, so as usual, the attached patch rewrites …
19:39 Ticket #661 ([TODO] Capture output of subprocesses) closed by NotFound
done: Closing ticket, it's supposed to be realistically tested by HLL usage.
19:21 WikiStart edited by whiteknight
19:19 WikiStart edited by whiteknight
19:18 WikiStart edited by whiteknight
creating a section here on the main page to list our current development … (diff)
18:01 ProposedParrotsketchProtocol edited by Util
17:58 BuildingWithClang created by moritz
16:20 ParrotQuotes edited by coke
I find that dozens work best in the moment. (diff)
13:34 Ticket #800 (Parrot assumes command line arguments are ASCII) created by pmichaud
Currently Parrot (incorrectly) assumes that all command line arguments are …
07:19 ProposedParrotsketchProtocol edited by cotto
Revert preposting recommendation to the original 30m. We can change it … (diff)
01:28 PGEBestPractices edited by Austin_Hastings
Fixed typos, added leader. (diff)
01:15 ParrotQuotes edited by cotto
Whiteknight++ does things wrong, also fix formatting to indicate an afk … (diff)
01:10 PGEBestPractices edited by Austin_Hastings
Added some more tid-bits (diff)
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