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15:44 Ticket #823 (packfile pmc tests failing) created by coke
on feather, (having already applied the patch in TT #822), I'm getting the …
14:49 Ticket #115 ([todo] make test with already installed parrot) closed by doughera
duplicate: This is a duplicate of TT #822.
13:18 Ticket #822 (Using wrong libparrot.) created by coke
Large number of test failures in a vanilla 'make test' on feather.perl6.nl …
13:06 SmokingParrot edited by coke
trailing && in shell command is not boss. (diff)


22:49 Ticket #821 (PCT - POST::Sub::add_param() ignores +optional+slurpy parameters.) created by Austin_Hastings
Adding a parameter marked +optional +slurpy is neither accepted, nor …
21:31 Ticket #762 (parrot_config --dump: libparrot_linkflags, rpath_blib contain references ...) closed by pmichaud
wontfix: I agree with Andy that this isn't really a bug, so I'm marking this ticket …
21:28 Ticket #510 (HLLCompiler can't '--target=parse' from installed parrot) closed by pmichaud
fixed: I suspect the issue was that dumper.pir was previously doing a …
02:55 Ticket #820 (dynops should show up in docs/ops...) created by coke
Now that (TT #449) oplibs in the dynoplibs are supposed to be more …
02:49 Ticket #450 ([TODO] Remove dynoplibs myops & dan ops) closed by coke
fixed: myops.ops removed in r39944.
02:41 Ticket #819 (obscure.ops need tests) created by coke
These opcodes have no coverage in t/ - with their impending move to …
02:03 Ticket #695 (subtest 3 in t/dynoplibs/myops.t segfaults on darwin) closed by coke
fixed: The hcf opcode (and associated test) is now removed, as per TT #450.
02:02 Ticket #790 (remove hcf dynop) closed by coke
fixed: Per TT #450, removed hcf.
00:31 Ticket #818 (packfile tests failing on amd64) closed by whiteknight
worksforme: I went out to the store, and when I came back these tests were passing. …


23:13 Ticket #818 (packfile tests failing on amd64) created by whiteknight
[…] I've been getting these test failures for a few days. I normally …
22:25 Ticket #817 ([pmc2c] don't require custom #defines for private flags) created by cotto
It'd be nice if pmc2c didn't require that custom private PObj flags be …
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