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15:29 Ticket #827 (command line arg to specify maximum memory allocation) created by coke
We should be able to specify the maximum amount of memory allocated by …
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Split long line (diff)
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Priorities ftw! (diff)
09:31 Ticket #824 ([CAGE] refactor MSVC SAL with Configure) closed by rblasch
fixed: Right, should be #ifdef instead of #if. Sorry I missed this. Many thanks …
08:34 Ticket #824 ([CAGE] refactor MSVC SAL with Configure) reopened by NotFound
After r39996 I'm getting this warning a lot of times: …
07:30 Ticket #824 ([CAGE] refactor MSVC SAL with Configure) closed by fperrad
done: Applied in r39996


15:55 Ticket #826 (Deprecate Parrot_str_free) created by NotFound
The Parrot_str_free function is dangerous and unuseful, see for example …
15:47 Ticket #825 (PATCH: Fix incorrect references in pdd22) created by jrtayloriv
Index: docs/pdds/pdd22_io.pod …
13:22 Ticket #824 ([CAGE] refactor MSVC SAL with Configure) created by fperrad
rename PARROT_HAS_SAL to PARROT_HAS_MSVC_SAL, and put the logic in …
08:23 Ticket #815 (Add a step for Configure: auto::thread) closed by fperrad
done: Applied in r39976
05:14 Ticket #772 ([BUG] Duplicate identifier in PGE;Perl6Grammar.compile) closed by pmichaud
fixed: Patch applied in r39972, thanks! Closing ticket.
00:22 Ticket #755 ('make install-dev' assumes "modern" File::Path) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Thanks, Michael. Closing ticket. kid51
00:00 Ticket #822 (Using wrong libparrot.) closed by coke


15:44 Ticket #823 (packfile pmc tests failing) created by coke
on feather, (having already applied the patch in TT #822), I'm getting the …
14:49 Ticket #115 ([todo] make test with already installed parrot) closed by doughera
duplicate: This is a duplicate of TT #822.
13:18 Ticket #822 (Using wrong libparrot.) created by coke
Large number of test failures in a vanilla 'make test' on feather.perl6.nl …
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trailing && in shell command is not boss. (diff)
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