and .


22:51 Ticket #788 (Audit PDD30 compliance) closed by jkeenan
fixed: No complaints; closing ticket. Thank you very much. kid51


18:23 Ticket #773 (Can't override vtables of a PMC from PIR) closed by coke
wontfix: Per allison "The general rule is that if you didn't define the class (or …
18:02 Ticket #719 (out of memory running a tcl spec test) closed by coke
fixed: Memory usage on this peaks closer to 70K now, allowing the snippet to run …
01:12 Ticket #873 (Blanket ports exclusion needs discussion) created by wayland
I'd argue that the sections of "ports" that contain RPM spec files should …
00:42 Ticket #490 (Remove support for non-default config options for Configure.pl's --gc) closed by whiteknight
fixed: committed in r40208. Thanks kid51!
00:06 Ticket #862 (remove fulltest_all make target) closed by jkeenan
fixed: I first verified that make -k fulltest DWIMs, then removed …
00:00 Ticket #108 (remove Data::Replace?) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to jkeenan: > Replying to coke: > > …


23:32 Ticket #440 (move src/pbc_info.c to examples/c/pbc_sample.c) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to jkeenan: > > > For lack of any better idea, I …
23:09 Ticket #826 (Deprecate Parrot_str_free) closed by bacek
done: Replying to NotFound: > After dicussion in parrotsketch, …
22:36 Ticket #870 (examples/benchmarks/overload.pir does not compile) closed by bacek
fixed: Fixed in r40199.
22:02 Ticket #836 ([DEPRECATED] ops file preamble format) closed by cotto
fixed: applied with some additional changes in r40198
19:38 Milestone 1.4 completed
integration, interoperate, embed
19:37 Ticket #872 (PASM1 compiler and PDB_compile function) created by coke
[…] BT from gcc: […]
19:25 ProfilingRuncore edited by chromatic
19:25 ProfilingRuncore created by chromatic
Added profiling runcore notes to the wiki
19:18 WikiStart edited by chromatic
19:01 Ticket #871 (add 'rand' as a dynop) created by coke
To support TT #189, we need to create a 'rand' dynop. Suggested forms: …
18:21 Glossy-Brochure edited by coke
remove untrue marketing about perl and unicode, go with the facts. Clarify … (diff)
17:20 Ticket #870 (examples/benchmarks/overload.pir does not compile) created by NotFound
Recent deletion of deprecated mmd related parts cause that the mmd.pasm …
16:48 Ticket #187 (deprecated: dynpmc Pair) closed by coke
fixed: Patch applied (kraai++) in r40197, Pair dynpmc removed. 'make fulltest' …
14:02 Ticket #625 (Deprecate Parrot_MMD_method_name and related defines.) closed by bacek
done: Replying to bacek: > Function Parrot_MMD_method_name isn't …
13:38 Ticket #861 (mingw32-make fails upon tools\build\c2str.pl --all) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Closed per updated report by OP. MoC, thanks for getting back to us on …
13:21 Ticket #494 ([DEPRECATED] remove parrot_new_pmc_hash) closed by bacek
done: Function removed at r40194. Closing ticket.
13:20 Deprecation edited by bacek
parrot_new_pmc_hash replacement (diff)
12:58 Ticket #869 ([cage] t/pmc/iterator.t should be removed) created by bacek
Hello. […] is deprecated and removed. t/pmc/iterator.t should be …
12:23 Ticket #727 (remove config steps 'auto:macports' and 'auto:fink') closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to jkeenan: > Replying to jkeenan: > > …
10:45 Ticket #156 (remove unused function Parrot_find_global_k) closed by bacek
done: Replying to coke: > The function Parrot_find_global_k in …
10:40 Ticket #155 (Remove unused function Parrot_get_namespace_autobase) closed by bacek
fixed: Replying to coke: > The function …
09:49 WikiStart edited by cotto
mention 1.4.0 release (diff)
04:57 Ticket #868 (DEPRECATE generation of PAST::Val constants) created by pmichaud
The PAST::Compiler may change the code generation for PAST::Val nodes …
02:56 Ticket #551 (t/pmc/nci.t: 2 test failures) closed by chromatic
fixed: I applied the most recent patch; let's call this good. We need to review …
02:42 Ticket #867 (Implicit NameSpace Creation Does Not Respect Compile-time HLL Map) created by chromatic
From an example by Coke: […] I believe this should print {{{ ok 1 - …
02:15 Ticket #265 (patch to avoid linking with -lpthread on openbsd) closed by jkeenan
01:47 Ticket #588 (pdd10-extending/embedding/nci, define parrot api) closed by jhorwitz
fixed: I've listed candidates for the API in embed.pod (r40178), which will allow …
00:41 Ticket #846 (Add 'testing' to Component pane in Trac) closed by coke
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