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23:29 Ticket #885 (parrot_debugger printing registers does not work) created by dukeleto
(pdb) h p Print register: e.g. "p i2" Note that the register type is …
23:20 Ticket #884 (parrot_debugger generates a Bus error if you set a break point before the ...) created by dukeleto
$ ./parrot_debugger Parrot 1.4.0-devel Debugger Please note: the …
20:40 Ticket #882 (SUPER() not handled correctly for DynPMCs) closed by cotto
fixed: This is fixed in r40313, which also adds a test case to make sure it keeps …
18:20 Coverity edited by petdance
add links and email address (diff)
17:39 CodeCoverageStatistics edited by mj41
Daily updated test coverage (diff)
17:21 WikiStart edited by coke
make priorities more visible. (diff)
17:20 Coverity created by petdance
17:14 WikiStart edited by petdance
16:57 Ticket #217 (fix badly named variable in generated code) closed by NotFound
fixed: Applied, and failed test changed accordingly, in r40308.
15:15 Ticket #767 (imcc allows multiple .locals of the same name) closed by NotFound
fixed: No complaints heard, closing ticket.
15:07 Ticket #881 (Due to locale settings, HEAD revision of svn was 0.) closed by NotFound
14:37 Ticket #883 (Use the right PTR2INTVAL() macro, not (INTVAL) for type conversion) created by jimmy
As discussed on #parrot, see …
13:43 Ticket #882 (SUPER() not handled correctly for DynPMCs) created by flh
* Write a base dynpmc foo, and second dynpmc bar which extends the …
13:05 Ticket #878 (Recent commits break buildtools_tests) closed by whiteknight
fixed: Okay, I fixed this and verified that the tests now pass for me too. …
12:33 Ticket #881 (Due to locale settings, HEAD revision of svn was 0.) created by cono
report in attachment
09:05 Ticket #880 (class associated to namespace ["parrot";"Class"] gets overridden) created by jessevdam
When running the following code the the class associated to the …
08:35 Ticket #879 (isa does not take (correctly) namespace, pmcarray,stringarray) created by jessevdam
When running this code isa returns true while it should return false $P1 …
03:25 Ticket #859 ('make splint' needs graceful failure message) closed by chromatic
fixed: I think the error message indicates that you don't have a TMP environment …


22:44 Ticket #878 (Recent commits break buildtools_tests) created by jkeenan
In the past 24 hours commits to trunk -- most likely r40293 and r40295 -- …
13:41 Ticket #877 (Parrot fails to compile on OS X 10.6 with GCC 4.2 out of the box) closed by coke
fixed: Thanks; applied with some minor mods in r40291.
02:18 Ticket #877 (Parrot fails to compile on OS X 10.6 with GCC 4.2 out of the box) created by johnewart
Using GCC 4.2 on OS X 10.6 Configure.pl fails at the inter::progs step …


18:21 Ticket #876 (Deprecate pushaction, pushmark, popmark) created by whiteknight
I suggest we deprecate the three opcodes pushaction, pushmark, and …
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fix numbers (diff)
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07:13 CallgrindFormat created by cotto
initial version
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