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19:18 Ticket #900 (NQP parses functions beginning with 'make' as keyword) created by Austin_Hastings
The following code illustrates the problem: […] As it is, the …
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Unscratch KeysRefactor idea (diff)


18:17 Ticket #899 (heredocs in a macro argument broken.) created by coke
[…] If you remove the pod comments, you get: […] I'd expect …
15:48 Ticket #898 (r40313 introduces a memory leak) created by cotto
Parrot_Foo_get_vtable() returns a malloc'd struct that's not freed by this …
12:54 Ticket #897 (Review test coverage and add more tests or deprecate unused functionality.) created by bacek
Hello. mj41++ running automated test coverage for Parrot. Results …
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01:21 Ticket #896 ([patch]consting socket_win32.c) created by jimmy
consting socket_win32.c


21:47 Ticket #895 (Towards automatic allocation and deallocation of PMC attributes) created by NotFound
Currently all PMC that use attributes must allocate and deallocate the …
03:26 Ticket #894 (Grant commit access to /languages to bacek) created by bacek
Hello. Can I haz commit access to /languages? KTHNBYE
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