and .


23:33 Ticket #908 ([CAGE] Relocate xconf/ examples to examples/ directory) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Implemented in a series of commit between r40468 and r40472. Thank you …
14:54 LoritoPrimitives edited by cotto
add a field for an example Smalltalk snippet (diff)
12:35 PIRCDevelopment edited by kjs
12:25 PIRCDevelopment edited by kjs
12:14 PIRCDevelopment edited by kjs
more on reg allc (diff)
10:44 PIRCDevelopment edited by kjs
add AST node types (diff)
10:33 PIRCDevelopment edited by kjs
finish discussion heredoc parser. (diff)
10:22 PIRCDevelopment edited by kjs
multi heredoc (diff)
10:13 PIRCDevelopment edited by kjs
include and pod parsing (diff)
09:52 PIRCDevelopment edited by kjs
09:41 PIRCDevelopment edited by kjs
more heredoc explanation (diff)
07:52 LoritoPrimitives created by cotto
initial version; needs help from someone who knows Smalltalk


12:22 git-svn-tutorial edited by bacek
Fix git command line args (diff)
12:15 git-svn-tutorial edited by bacek
Added links to "Git Book" and "Git magic" (diff)
09:23 git-svn-tutorial edited by bacek
Tracking svn branches (diff)
01:37 git-svn-tutorial edited by chromatic
Added local/repo change trick (diff)


23:24 Ticket #908 ([CAGE] Relocate xconf/ examples to examples/ directory) created by allison
As part of the general repository cleanup (and reducing clutter in the …
18:20 git-svn-tutorial edited by moritz
mentioned a tar archive including all branches + svn meta data; git svn … (diff)
18:18 Ticket #907 (refactor Parrot_mmd_sort_candidates) created by allison
The functions 'Parrot_mmd_get_cached_multi_sig', 'mmd_cvt_to_types' and …
17:35 Ticket #511 ([CAGE] deprecate searching runtime/parrot for libraries and includes) closed by allison
done: I removed 'runtime/parrot' from the library and include search paths in …
17:13 Ticket #906 ([PIR] Assignment syntactic sugar restricted to destination parameters) created by allison
IMCC currently allows the '=' syntactic sugar on all opcodes, even when …
03:55 Ticket #905 ([RFC] Deprecate Eval PMC) created by allison
The result of dynamically compiling a string of source code should be an …
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