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20:52 Ticket #925 (Dynops are not installed with "make install" nor "make install-dev") closed by dukeleto
fixed: This has been fixed as of r40598 and a patch has been submitted to the …
20:31 PIRCDevelopment edited by kjs
various updates (diff)
18:22 Ticket #929 (Remove redundant old_blocks delcaration in compilers/imcc/pbc.c) created by eirik
compilers/imcc/pbc.c has two old_blocks declarations. The function is only …
17:48 Ticket #928 (Probable edge-condition bug in PBC file generation) created by Austin_Hastings
For some time now (weeks), I've been dealing with an intermittent bug …
17:37 Ticket #927 (Out of date documentation in src/gc/api.c after file renames.) closed by dukeleto
17:33 git-svn-tutorial edited by dukeleto
17:08 Ticket #927 (Out of date documentation in src/gc/api.c after file renames.) created by eirik
gc_ims.c and gc_gms.c has been renamed to incremental_ms.c and …
07:55 Ticket #101 ([test] add parrot_utils tests) closed by dukeleto
done: As of r40585 we have basic decent test coverage of pbc_disassemble and …


23:14 Ticket #926 (Kill Parrot_cont structure) created by bacek
«Continuation PMC has a Parrot_cont structure as an attribute. I suggest …
21:05 Ticket #925 (Dynops are not installed with "make install" nor "make install-dev") created by dukeleto
The MANIFEST.generated file has no mention of dynops.
19:33 Ticket #871 (add 'rand' as a dynop) closed by dukeleto
done: The rand and srand dynops have been added and the Random PMC is now a …
10:02 HowToDeprecate edited by dukeleto
09:59 HowToDeprecate created by dukeleto
09:57 Deprecation edited by dukeleto
09:54 Deprecation edited by dukeleto
07:47 Ticket #924 (OpenGL examples not working on OS X) created by dukeleto
[…] This is after OpenGL is detected by Configure.pl : […]
04:27 Ticket #923 (Make RNG algorithm used by rand dynop pluggable) created by japhb
Parrot's current PRNG is an old-style LCG: decent speed, but relatively …
02:51 Ticket #922 (Coding standard tests for examples/ directories without tests) created by dukeleto
A TODO test should be added for each directory in examples/ that does not …


20:48 Ticket #851 ([DEPRECATED] .find_key method on PGE;Match objects) reopened by coke
fperrad recently re-added this method. Assigning to him to work with …
20:36 Ticket #921 (warnings in imcc/imcparser.c (statement with no effect)) created by jgabr
While building on Mac OS X 10.5.8: […]
19:55 Ticket #920 (parrotbug should provide more guidance when it finishes) created by jgabr
When parrotbug is done asking you questions about the bug you've found, …
19:41 Ticket #919 (On Mac OS X 10.5.8, Configure.pl : lazy symbol binding failed) created by jgabr
Hi, I'm running Mac OS X 10.5.8 with the dev tools installed. I just …
18:02 Ticket #918 (Change handling of class_init functions) created by NotFound
The class_init functions from pmc and dynpmc are inserted in line into the …
15:17 Ticket #917 (What mailing lists should parrot.org host?) created by jkeenan
We currently host a number of mailing lists in the …
14:25 Ticket #916 (Need something like PMCNULL for STRINGs) created by dukeleto
I talked to chromatic about occasionally getting a null byte '\0' back …
14:19 Ticket #722 (Rewrite of t/pmc/capture.t in PIR) closed by dukeleto
done: This patch seems to have already been applied.
14:07 Ticket #531 ([GSOC] Decide on a Pilot/Co-Pilot for the Parrot department of TPF this ...) closed by dukeleto
02:00 Ticket #914 (email2trac test) reopened by basic
01:55 Ticket #915 (email2trac test) created by basic
01:53 Ticket #914 (email2trac test) closed by jkeenan
01:52 Ticket #913 (Test123) closed by jkeenan
01:49 Ticket #914 (email2trac test) created by basic
01:10 Ticket #913 (Test123) created by basic
[…] […]
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