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20:28 Ticket #941 (testing forward of new tickets to the mailing list) created by allison
15:53 Ticket #803 (PCT emits bogus code for getattribute on named register variable) closed by pmichaud
08:04 Ticket #940 (miniparrot segfaults on Windows) created by fperrad
With MinGW, miniparrot segfaults during the build. […] the build is …
03:50 Ticket #939 (t/dynpmc/foo.t FAILs testr with Segmentation fault) created by mikehh
parrot r40685 on Ubuntu 9.04 amd64 t/dynpmc/foo.t - Failed tests: 6-7 in …


15:51 Ticket #938 (Parrot svn could use a trusted-root-signed-cert) created by pmichaud
13:39 Ticket #937 (Testing new ticket creation.) created by coke
08:27 Ticket #936 ("make install" doesn't install PCT) created by pmichaud
As of r40625, the "make install" target appears to not install any of the …


22:32 Ticket #914 (email2trac test) closed by allison
fixed: All working.
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more update (diff)
17:21 Languages edited by fperrad
update Parrot version to 1.5.0 (diff)
16:16 Ticket #935 (PASM and PBC exit codes not correctly detected by Parrot::Test) created by dukeleto
The functions pasm_exit_code_is and pbc_exit_code_is may be incorrectly …
16:09 Ticket #834 (exit opcode doesn't set process return value) closed by dukeleto
fixed: I've noticed that by default, PASM and PBC seem to exit with 1. I will …
15:58 Ticket #934 (PGE build leads to assertion failure on MacOS X?) created by moritz
masak reports (but can't do so directly, because trac does an infinite …
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rerun script. (diff)
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