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23:42 Ticket #549 (Kill UnionVal) closed by whiteknight
09:14 Ticket #944 (Exception handling in top-level main function is broken.) created by bacek
Hello. […] -- Bacek
08:14 Ticket #943 (Real counterparts of some trig functions not defined) created by dukeleto
The Complex PMC defines cot, acot, coth, etc but they are not defined for …
04:34 ModuleEcosystem edited by japhb
Add link to Gitorious project page at top (diff)


14:57 ModuleEcosystem edited by japhb
fix missing word (diff)
13:27 Ticket #939 (t/dynpmc/foo.t FAILs testr with Segmentation fault) closed by whiteknight
fixed: I think this should be resolved as of r40736.
12:40 Ticket #942 (GCC 4.4 complains about invalid C90 syntax) closed by whiteknight
fixed: this was my fault. Fixed in r40730.
10:48 Ticket #942 (GCC 4.4 complains about invalid C90 syntax) created by MoC
mingw32-make exits with the following error: […]
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