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16:30 Ticket #981 (make smolder_test doesn't report some broken builds) created by dukeleto
14:51 Ticket #980 (GC Refactor) created by jrtayloriv
Attached is a patch which does some minor refactoring of the GC system. …
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GC irc talk (diff)
11:05 Ticket #979 (Invalid charset number '8' on darwin during PCT.pbc bytecode generation) created by dukeleto
during a normal "make" on darwin […]
09:37 Ticket #978 (Remove _synchronize from PMC Struct) created by chromatic
The _synchronize member of the PMC struct was part of STM, which is now …
00:22 Ticket #977 (parrot_config returns with an error about "Invalid Charset") created by treed
Attempting to run parrot_config with any (or no) arguments, I get the …


19:01 Ticket #963 (segfault in Parrot_HashIteratorKey_get_string) closed by coke
15:43 JITRewrite edited by whiteknight
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"sacrasm" won't be tolerated either (diff)
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sarcasm will not be tolerated (diff)
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Big O notation explanation by chromatic (diff)
01:05 Ticket #976 ([PATCH] Reduce poking into STRING guts) closed by cotto
fixed: applied as r40965
00:29 Ticket #976 ([PATCH] Reduce poking into STRING guts) created by darbelo
In time I'd like to rip out the strstart member from the parrot_string_t …


13:49 Ticket #975 (Failed Rakudo tests due to context_pmc3 merge) closed by moritz
invalid: It turned out to be a false alarm - deleting the previous parrot install …
12:47 Ticket #975 (Failed Rakudo tests due to context_pmc3 merge) created by moritz
rakudo's 'make spectest' has some new failures since the context_pmc3 …
12:24 Ticket #974 (Mark publicly exposed functions in src/call/context.c with PARROT_EXPORT ...) created by bacek
Hello. There is some functions in src/call/context.c which marked as …
12:20 Ticket #973 (Review content of src/gc/alloc_register.c and src/call/context.c and merge ...) created by bacek
Hello. Currently 1. handling of registers in Context handled in …
12:16 Ticket #972 (Remove "old" context related function such as "parrot_gc_context") created by bacek
Hello. After converting Parrot_Context to be proper PMC some useless …
12:12 Ticket #971 (Add "current" versions of Parrot_pcc_get_foo and Parrot_pcc_set_foo ...) created by bacek
Hello. Many (or all for consistency sake) of Parrot_pcc_get_foo and …
12:08 Ticket #970 (Remove Parrot_Context structure in favor of ATTRibutes in Context PMC) created by bacek
Currently Context PMC just wrap Parrot_Context struct. It's need to be …
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11:47 JITRewrite edited by whiteknight
+some info about LLVM from the website. (diff)
07:31 Ticket #964 (segfault in Parrot_str_new_COW) closed by chromatic
fixed: Fixed in r40948 - r40950.
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+info I've received about nanoJIT (diff)
00:11 Ticket #958 ([PATCH]: Doc fixes related to GC and UnionVal) closed by chromatic
fixed: Thanks, applied as r40935.
00:11 Ticket #968 (Rename PObj_active_destroy_foo to PObj_custom_destroy_foo) closed by chromatic
fixed: Thanks, applied as r40935.
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