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22:11 Ticket #967 (segfault in utf8_set_position) closed by NotFound
fixed: No complaints in several days, closing ticket.
20:39 JITRewrite edited by whiteknight
20:36 JITRewrite edited by chromatic
added specific JIT replacement tasks and volunteers (diff)
11:12 Ticket #973 (Review content of src/gc/alloc_register.c and src/call/context.c and merge ...) closed by bacek
done: src/gc/alloc_register.c is finally gone. Whiteknight++
08:03 GitCookbook edited by dukeleto
07:50 GitCookbook edited by dukeleto
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06:10 Ticket #997 ([BUG] Segmentation fault by building TGE on ppc64) created by gerd
At the moment (r41154) Parrot seems not to build on the ppc64 …
03:35 Ticket #996 (Socket.pmc should implement readline) created by coke
The following code […] dies with […] I imagine I'm not the only …
02:59 Ticket #995 (segfault in ?? (directory_destroy)) created by coke
When running ./tclsh and immediately exiting by hitting D; we get a …
02:37 Ticket #68 (runtime/parrot/library/tcpstream.pir broken) closed by coke
fixed: Sigh; no, the original question was answered. My implied question of "how …
02:35 Ticket #68 (runtime/parrot/library/tcpstream.pir broken) reopened by coke
This ticket was resolved without answering the original question…
02:29 Ticket #732 (Coroutine contexts not getting freed) closed by coke
fixed: I can no longer reproduce this leak. ./tclsh -e "puts hi" now leaks …
02:27 Ticket #989 (t/compilers/tge/grammar.t: FAIL under 'make test', but passes with ...) reopened by jkeenan
Well, that didn't stay closed very long. When I went to check my own …
02:19 Ticket #989 (t/compilers/tge/grammar.t: FAIL under 'make test', but passes with ...) closed by jkeenan
01:35 GitCookbook-Pm created by pmichaud
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23:38 GitCookbook created by tene
first draft real fast to beat l3to
23:30 ParrotCommunityKnowledge edited by jkeenan
23:30 WikiStart edited by jkeenan
23:22 ParrotCommunityKnowledge edited by dukeleto
23:19 ParrotCommunityKnowledge created by tene
First draft; please review.
19:32 Ticket #601 (pluggable runloops) closed by cotto
17:57 Ticket #994 (Fix SVN properties for git-svn users) created by Util
git-svn does not support SVN properties (except svn:executable), and …
04:13 Ticket #993 (attempt to access code outside of current code segment in vtable init ...) created by dukeleto
I wrote this code to test that vtable init happens at the correct time, …
02:49 Ticket #992 (Memory errors when evaling invalid :vtable methods in a namespace) created by dukeleto
This code, which is meant to test that an invalid :vtable method throws …
02:13 Ticket #991 (Parrot dumps core when attempting to create a FixedPMCArray with negative ...) closed by dukeleto


23:56 Ticket #940 (miniparrot segfaults on Windows) closed by whiteknight
fixed: The fixed-size allocator has been enabled on Windows for a few days now …
23:07 Ticket #991 (Parrot dumps core when attempting to create a FixedPMCArray with negative ...) created by dukeleto
This code: […] does this: […]
19:52 Ticket #591 (pir profiling tools) closed by cotto
done: The pluggable_runcore branch (where the profiling runcore and tools were …
19:14 Ticket #990 (Cannot lookup ISO-8859 NameSpace using Unicode) closed by whiteknight
18:06 Ticket #887 ([patch]removed unused macro args) closed by dukeleto
16:11 Ticket #990 (Cannot lookup ISO-8859 NameSpace using Unicode) created by whiteknight
I tried to add this test to t/pmc/namespace.t, but it failed: […] I …
15:09 Ticket #989 (t/compilers/tge/grammar.t: FAIL under 'make test', but passes with ...) created by jkeenan
Running make test on Darwin/PPC, I am getting an overall result of …
08:31 Ticket #988 (Add component "tools" to Trac) closed by coke
fixed: This component seems to already exist. Closing ticket.
05:55 Ticket #988 (Add component "tools" to Trac) created by dukeleto
I think a component named "tools" would be really useful. I would put …
05:52 Ticket #987 (Make breakpoints actually work in parrot_debugger) created by dukeleto
Currently, you can add and delete breakpoints, but they don't actually …
05:48 Ticket #884 (parrot_debugger generates a Bus error if you set a break point before the ...) closed by dukeleto
done: I am going to close this TT and create one for actually making breakpoints …
05:45 Ticket #986 (Further ->strstart removals) created by darbelo
This a sequel to Ticket #976 and other similar patches, I'm working on a …
05:39 Ticket #969 (Convert t/pmc/float.t to PIR) closed by dukeleto
done: Applied as r41097, thanks flh++ !
05:37 Ticket #506 (generate callgrind output) closed by chromatic
fixed: Fixed with the pluggable_runcore merge at r41801.
05:30 Ticket #921 (warnings in imcc/imcparser.c (statement with no effect)) closed by chromatic
wontfix: This problem is indeed in bison; it's the declaration of the YYSTACK_FREE …
02:02 Ticket #926 (Kill Parrot_cont structure) closed by whiteknight
fixed: This should be resolved following the merge of the kill_parrot_cont branch …
00:35 Ticket #985 (proper Configure.pl-time check for hires timers) created by dukeleto
Currently parrot uses clock_gettime() unless the platform is darwin, in …
00:25 Ticket #984 (pluggable_runcore branch merge broke build on darwin) closed by dukeleto
00:01 Ticket #984 (pluggable_runcore branch merge broke build on darwin) created by dukeleto
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