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22:20 Ticket #1009 (examples/shootout/spectralnorm.pir shows a segfault in the continuation ...) created by darbelo
As the summary states, examples/shootout/spectralnorm.pir shows a segfault …
18:11 Ticket #1008 (continuation mark function marks non pobj PackFile_ByteCode *seg) created by jessevdam
The continuation mark function marks(Parrot_gc_mark_PObj_alive) a non …
11:44 Ticket #1007 (load_language creates wrong search paths) created by fperrad
The opcode load_language adds some search paths. There are wrong because …
10:06 Ticket #983 (JIT code incorrectly access registers) closed by bacek
wontfix: Tests were marked with "todo" at r41258. Closing ticket as "wontfix" …
00:20 Ticket #1006 (Does not build on clang with GMP) created by whiteknight
Parrot was building with llvm/clang for a while, but recently it doesn't …


13:16 Ticket #983 (JIT code incorrectly access registers) reopened by jkeenan
Replying to bacek: > Current JIT is deprecated. Even if the …
12:04 Ticket #1005 (Use VTABLE_is_equal instead of MMD in Hash and ResizablePMCArray) created by flh
The "is_equal" methods of Hash and ResizablePMCArray currently use …
02:29 Ticket #1004 (t/op/calling.t, t/pmc/sub.t failed at r41244 during 'make testj') created by jkeenan
00:54 Ticket #1003 (Call an exited coroutine fails since some time) created by NotFound
In t/pmc/coroutine.t there is a TODO test that is actually failing, and …


22:28 Ticket #78 (Remove executable code from src/jit/<ARCH>/jit_emit.h) closed by bacek
wontfix: Current JIT is deprecated.
21:46 Ticket #1002 (Building PGE dies with segfault when JIT enabled under Fedora 11) created by markmont
Since JIT is deprecated, please disregard this ticket if it is a JIT …
13:00 Ticket #656 (Optimization in src/pmc/RetContinuation.pmc:invoke causes segfault) closed by bacek
fixed: Yes, we can. There is no more RetContinuation.destroy anymore.
11:58 Ticket #1001 (Dead code in Boolean instantiate) closed by bacek
done: Applied at r41227. Thank!
11:26 Ticket #1001 (Dead code in Boolean instantiate) created by flh
According to make cover, the instantiate VTABLE method of the Boolean PMC …
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