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18:53 Ticket #1014 (NQP: Add defined(), exists(), undef.) created by Austin_Hastings
Testing using code like […] works until your class doesn't have a …
18:51 Ticket #1013 ('undef' bareword shouldn't parse, but does) created by Austin_Hastings
This is wrong, per Pmichaud: […] But it parses.
18:46 Ticket #1005 (Use VTABLE_is_equal instead of MMD in Hash and ResizablePMCArray) closed by NotFound
done: No complaints in several days, closing ticket.
01:22 Ticket #981 (make smolder_test doesn't report some broken builds) closed by jkeenan


22:07 Ticket #1012 (Add http://leto.net/parrot.xml to Planet Parrot) created by dukeleto
Please add my RSS feed to Planet Parrot. Thanks!
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19:52 Milestone 1.6 completed
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19:03 Ticket #167 (Cannot relocate source tree after compilation) closed by pmichaud
fixed: I suspect this ticket is no longer an issue; Rakudo now builds from an …
19:03 Ticket #504 (packfile pmcs) closed by Util
done: Since "building a .pbc from scratch" is the only obvious remaining missing …
18:48 Ticket #1011 (Packfile PMCs cannot create a bytecode file from scratch) created by Util
PIR code needs to be able to use Packfile PMCs to create runnable bytecode …
18:39 Ticket #597 (review objects PDD) closed by chromatic
17:43 Ticket #1010 (Fix FixedBooleanArray "fill" method, rewrite tests in PIR) closed by NotFound
done: pmc part overrided by a cleanup done in r41275. t part applied in r41276 …
16:05 Ticket #1010 (Fix FixedBooleanArray "fill" method, rewrite tests in PIR) created by flh
The "fill" method in the FBA PMC currently does not check whether the …
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latest warnings at r41266 (diff)
11:16 Ticket #998 (Recent parrot changes cause lots of Rakudo spectests to abort with status ...) closed by moritz
fixed: Seems to fixed now on i386 and Mac OS X too, closing ticket.


22:20 Ticket #1009 (examples/shootout/spectralnorm.pir shows a segfault in the continuation ...) created by darbelo
As the summary states, examples/shootout/spectralnorm.pir shows a segfault …
18:11 Ticket #1008 (continuation mark function marks non pobj PackFile_ByteCode *seg) created by jessevdam
The continuation mark function marks(Parrot_gc_mark_PObj_alive) a non …
11:44 Ticket #1007 (load_language creates wrong search paths) created by fperrad
The opcode load_language adds some search paths. There are wrong because …
10:06 Ticket #983 (JIT code incorrectly access registers) closed by bacek
wontfix: Tests were marked with "todo" at r41258. Closing ticket as "wontfix" …
00:20 Ticket #1006 (Does not build on clang with GMP) created by whiteknight
Parrot was building with llvm/clang for a while, but recently it doesn't …
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