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12:03 Ticket #980 (GC Refactor) closed by bacek
done: Branch gc-refactor was merged into trunk some time ago. Closing ticket.
00:15 Ticket #1024 ([CAGE] OpenGL deprecations in Mac OS 10.6) created by allison
Here's the output from the OpenGL configuration step on Mac OS 10.6, with …
00:06 Ticket #1023 ([TODO] Explore using Apple's new Blocks and Grand Central Dispatch) created by allison
Would have to be ifdef'd out on other platforms, but could provide …


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note that bacek++ has been cleaning up after the svn server's messes (diff)
07:24 Ticket #1011 (Packfile PMCs cannot create a bytecode file from scratch) closed by bacek
done: Example added in r41354. Closing ticket unless someone can provide …


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16:58 Ticket #1019 (Make Test;More;ok and nok use a PMC argument) closed by dukeleto
13:01 Ticket #1022 (PGE::Glob needs docs.) created by coke
PGE::Glob should have POD docs explaining the specific matching language …
07:55 Ticket #1021 (typo in inspect description) closed by chromatic
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07:42 Ticket #1021 (typo in inspect description) created by vkon
when describing sub PMC, it is described that $P0 = "my_new_sub" changes …
07:16 Ticket #1020 (subclassing pmc from pir + lot more) created by jessevdam
See attach for the description.
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only committers are significantly affected by switch (diff)
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upstream projects are important too (diff)
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