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23:27 Ticket #1009 (examples/shootout/spectralnorm.pir shows a segfault in the continuation ...) reopened by chromatic
Hang on -- I think NotFound's approach is much better. Rather than …
23:25 Ticket #1056 (inter::progs ought to be smarter about finding linker) created by jkeenan
This issue was first discussed in …
23:19 Ticket #1009 (examples/shootout/spectralnorm.pir shows a segfault in the continuation ...) closed by darbelo
fixed: Replying to bacek: > Oookey. I've committed my version of fix …
23:01 Ticket #1055 (t/pmc/complex.t: sinh_of_complex_numbers: some tests fail on Win32) created by jkeenan
This ticket is being opened to transfer one of the issues discussed …
21:34 Ticket #1054 (Some documents at docs.parrot.org are missing data.) created by shockwave
This page has a line at the bottom directing the user to a "table" of …
20:34 Ticket #1053 ([TODO] Allow Parrot Hashes to have PMC keys) created by bacek
Originally created at  http://rt.perl.org/rt3/Ticket/Display.html?id=54236
18:51 Ticket #1052 ([TODO] Add --target=pbc to HLLCompiler) created by pmichaud
HLLCompiler should be able to produce bytecode files directly. See RT …
18:48 Ticket #1051 ([TODO] NQP should report use of undeclared variable) created by pmichaud
(From RT #48445): When an NQP program uses a variable that hasn't been …
17:57 Ticket #1050 ([TODO] [C] Use strerror_r instead of strerror) created by doughera
This is still probably a good idea. There are several generations of …
17:51 Ticket #1049 (Replace the value for $(MAKE) with the actual path (config/inter/make.pm)) created by doughera
This ugly hack remains. Unfortunately, in the absence of any information …
17:38 Ticket #1048 ([TODO] Configure.pl needs a has_function() function.) created by doughera
Configure.pl needs a better infrastructure for detecting functions and …
17:25 Ticket #1047 (pf_items assumes sizeof(INTVAL) == sizeof(opcode_t)) created by doughera
Parrot's internals assume sizeof(INTVAL) == sizeof(opcode_t) , but …
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13:43 Ticket #1046 (Configure.pl allows sizeof(INTVAL) != sizeof(void *), but parrot requires ...) created by doughera
See  Original RT for …
13:31 Ticket #1045 (parrot needs a shared library even if configured with ...) created by doughera
This problem still persists. At least on Linux, running […] builds a …
12:58 Ticket #1044 (Configure.pl relies too heavily on perl5 ccflags settings.) created by doughera
See  Original RT for …
10:34 Ticket #811 ([RFC] Deprecate "new Iterator" form for creating Iterators.) closed by bacek
07:15 Ticket #1043 (create YAML::Emitter::Syck that does what Data::Dumper does.) created by coke
Originally reported in …
07:13 Ticket #1042 (PGE doesn't support angle quotes inside of regexes.) created by coke
Originally reported in [ …
07:03 Ticket #1041 (pmc2c silently ignores bad code) created by coke
Originally reported in …
06:51 ParrotQuotes edited by cotto
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06:47 Ticket #1040 (inplace math on subclasses failing (MMD/vtable)) created by coke
Originally posted in [ http://rt.perl.org/rt3/Ticket/Display.html?id=60036
06:44 Ticket #1039 (MMD bug in FixedPMCArray.sort) created by coke
Originally opened in [ http://rt.perl.org/rt3/Ticket/Display.html?id=59250
06:32 Ticket #1038 (Convert Digest::MD5 to object-based implementation) created by coke
Originally opened in [ http://rt.perl.org/rt3/Ticket/Display.html?id=54650
06:13 ParrotQuotes edited by cotto
the CLA is serious business (diff)
06:07 Ticket #1037 (throw useful exception on non-quoted non-word characters in PGE) created by coke
Originally opened in [ http://rt.perl.org/rt3/Ticket/Display.html?id=50090
06:02 Ticket #1036 (readonly should be shallow) created by coke
See  Original ticket
05:50 Ticket #1035 (PIR should allow comments between .param lines) created by coke
See  Original ticket
05:19 Ticket #1034 (attempt to access code outside of current code segment) created by coke
See the [ http://rt.perl.org/rt3/Ticket/Display.html?id=57088 Original …
04:07 Ticket #1033 (no args checking for a sub without params) created by coke
Originally reported in …
03:59 Ticket #1032 (Document and test available HLL Mappings) created by coke
See  Original RT
03:46 Ticket #1031 (Free()ing of SymReg variables) created by coke
From the [ http://rt.perl.org/rt3/Ticket/Display.html?id=44993 Original …
03:38 Ticket #1030 (long sub invocation with named parameters) created by coke
See  Original RT
03:27 Ticket #1029 (taillcall into PIR compiler broken) created by coke
See  Original RT If …
00:49 Ticket #1028 (can't iterate a dynlexpad) created by coke
See the  Original RT
00:29 Ticket #1027 (PIR-only segfault) created by coke
See  Original Ticket. …
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00:09 Ticket #1026 (Can't use } in TGE transform definitions.) created by coke
See the [ http://rt.perl.org/rt3/Ticket/Display.html?id=39913 Original RT …
00:00 Ticket #1025 (PASM Registers limited to 2 digits.) created by coke
See the  Original RT. …


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23:43 DebuggerTaskList created by coke
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12:03 Ticket #980 (GC Refactor) closed by bacek
done: Branch gc-refactor was merged into trunk some time ago. Closing ticket.
00:15 Ticket #1024 ([CAGE] OpenGL deprecations in Mac OS 10.6) created by allison
Here's the output from the OpenGL configuration step on Mac OS 10.6, with …
00:06 Ticket #1023 ([TODO] Explore using Apple's new Blocks and Grand Central Dispatch) created by allison
Would have to be ifdef'd out on other platforms, but could provide …


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07:24 Ticket #1011 (Packfile PMCs cannot create a bytecode file from scratch) closed by bacek
done: Example added in r41354. Closing ticket unless someone can provide …
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