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23:05 Ticket #1068 (Rename test files whose names are too similar) created by jkeenan
Currently we have both t/pmc/object.t and t/pmc/objects.t. The …
22:18 Ticket #1067 (t/pmc/objects.t: premature death on Darwin/PPC) created by jkeenan
At r41500, I observed a failure in make test in t/pmc/objects.t on …
13:34 CallingConventionsOverview edited by allison
13:29 CallingConventionsOverview edited by allison
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13:07 CallingConventionsOverview created by allison
12:44 IOTasklist edited by whiteknight
Add lots of TODO cleanup notes for Tene++ and anybody else who is … (diff)
07:43 Ticket #995 (segfault in ?? (directory_destroy)) closed by NotFound
07:31 Ticket #1066 (Add %(...) expression to NQP) created by Austin_Hastings
Presently, NQP supports circumfix operators: $(...) - which requests the …
04:45 Ticket #1065 (PGE should emit inline PIR with Grammar namespace) created by Austin_Hastings
This code, or at least the first alternate path, is pretty common in PGE …
02:02 Ticket #1064 ([PATCH] test documenting difference between $I1 and $I01) closed by dukeleto
done: Patch applied with minor tweaks. Thanks, keep 'em coming!


23:52 Ticket #1064 ([PATCH] test documenting difference between $I1 and $I01) created by brianwisti
An article I wrote discussed the fact that $I1 and $I01 were different …
19:00 Ticket #1063 (pmc2c tests need review.) created by darbelo
As of r41480 all pmc2c are skipped, since they rely on deprecated (and …
17:37 Ticket #665 (Pmc2c gets confused when name in "pmclass" line mismatches the filename) closed by darbelo
fixed: After the release of Parrot 1.6 I've updated the warn() to a die(). The …
17:16 Ticket #1060 (Inconsistent test failures in t/op/annotate.t) closed by NotFound
fixed: Thanks. Closing ticket.


18:44 Ticket #1062 (Type safe mark alive) created by NotFound
Some weeks ago einstein located a point where a pointer to non-PObj was …
18:26 Ticket #1061 (Lists of test files duplicated.) created by coke
We have lists of test files both in the root Makefile: […] and in …
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