and .


17:15 Ticket #1072 (deprecate vtable function instantiate_str) created by jessevdam
The instantiate_str is only implemented by float.pmc, integer.pmc, …
10:35 Ticket #1071 (Intermittent failure with t/pmc/os.t test 9) created by mikehh
I am getting an intermittent failure with t/pmc/os.t - test 9 on Ubuntu …
08:43 Ticket #763 (Test/More.pir's is_deeply() needs work with hash corner cases) closed by dukeleto
fixed: All of these issues have been taken care of in r41541 and r41542 . %hash1 …
06:11 ModuleEcosystem edited by japhb
WIP: Updating metadata instructions section to new design, part 3 (diff)
06:00 ModuleEcosystem edited by japhb
WIP: Updating metadata instructions section to new design, part 2 (diff)
05:33 ModuleEcosystem edited by japhb
WIP: Updating metadata instructions section to new design (diff)
05:10 Ticket #1070 (building parrot with the make -j option fails after r41514) created by mikehh
jrtayloriv reported this in a comment to re-opened ticket TT #231. In …


21:05 Ticket #1069 (Deprecate Parrot_oo_get_namespace) created by NotFound
The function Parrot_oo_get_namespace is never used in the repository, and …
16:52 Ticket #231 (make -j2 test fails) reopened by jkeenan
I am reopening this ticket because I am not convinced the solution …
12:51 Ticket #711 (can't assign class with attributes to undef) closed by bacek
fixed: Example from original description at r41527 produces […] Resolving …
12:44 Ticket #758 (Fix problems on openbsd/hppa) closed by bacek
fixed: Resolving ticket. Original issue was resolved. Subsequent failures (if …
12:41 Ticket #823 (packfile pmc tests failing) closed by bacek
fixed: afair this tests were failing because of stalled PMC in src/pmc directory. …
12:16 Ticket #970 (Remove Parrot_Context structure in favor of ATTRibutes in Context PMC) closed by bacek
wontfix: Parrot_Context structure has variable size depend on circumstances so …
12:13 Ticket #1008 (continuation mark function marks non pobj PackFile_ByteCode *seg) closed by bacek
fixed: Patch applied. Resolving ticket.
12:12 Ticket #1004 (t/op/calling.t, t/pmc/sub.t failed at r41244 during 'make testj') closed by bacek
duplicate: Failing tests were marked with SKIP. Resolving ticket as duplicate.
12:11 Ticket #929 (Remove redundant old_blocks delcaration in compilers/imcc/pbc.c) closed by bacek
done: This function was removed some time ago. Presumably in kill_jit branch. …
07:17 Ticket #1053 ([TODO] Allow Parrot Hashes to have PMC keys) closed by bacek
done: Ability to use PMC as Hash keys implemented in r41515. Resolving ticket.


23:05 Ticket #1068 (Rename test files whose names are too similar) created by jkeenan
Currently we have both t/pmc/object.t and t/pmc/objects.t. The …
22:18 Ticket #1067 (t/pmc/objects.t: premature death on Darwin/PPC) created by jkeenan
At r41500, I observed a failure in make test in t/pmc/objects.t on …
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13:07 CallingConventionsOverview created by allison
12:44 IOTasklist edited by whiteknight
Add lots of TODO cleanup notes for Tene++ and anybody else who is … (diff)
07:43 Ticket #995 (segfault in ?? (directory_destroy)) closed by NotFound
07:31 Ticket #1066 (Add %(...) expression to NQP) created by Austin_Hastings
Presently, NQP supports circumfix operators: $(...) - which requests the …
04:45 Ticket #1065 (PGE should emit inline PIR with Grammar namespace) created by Austin_Hastings
This code, or at least the first alternate path, is pretty common in PGE …
02:02 Ticket #1064 ([PATCH] test documenting difference between $I1 and $I01) closed by dukeleto
done: Patch applied with minor tweaks. Thanks, keep 'em coming!
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