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01:23 Ticket #1088 (Multidispatch 'concatenate_str' does not handle LHS undef) created by Austin_Hastings
This NQP code prints one line, then fails. […] The error: […] The …


21:29 Ticket #1087 (Various tests fail on DragonFly/amd64) created by reezer
Since DragonFly BSD 2.4 there is an amd64 version of the system. While my …
15:48 Ticket #1086 ([BUG] Test::More doesn't support plan('no_plan')) created by pmichaud
The documentation for Test::More (runtime/parrot/library/Test/More.pir:77) …
13:49 Ticket #1085 (TclLibrary.pir and tcl_lib.t update) created by vkon
Hi, I would like to propose an update for TclLibrary.pir and tcl_lib.t, …
00:43 Ticket #1084 (Bus error when running 'parrot -t something.pbc' on MacOSX) created by cconstantine
Using parrot trunk @r41607 Proto-language at …


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