and .


22:45 CallingConventionsOverview edited by dukeleto
21:10 Ticket #1016 (PIR line number wrong in stacktrace.) closed by chromatic
fixed: Fixed in r41742.
20:20 ArrayTasklist edited by kurahaupo
more related tickets, plus details (diff)
20:06 ArrayTasklist edited by kurahaupo
Links to related tickets (diff)
19:55 ArrayTasklist edited by kurahaupo
Make multiple variants for different purposes? (diff)
19:49 ArrayTasklist edited by whiteknight
+ two tasklist items concerning arrays (diff)
19:42 ArrayTasklist created by kurahaupo
new page. open question about lack of initialization of resizable arrays
19:26 WikiStart edited by whiteknight
+tasklist page for cleanups of Array-like PMCs (diff)
00:37 Ticket #1095 ([PATCH] un-TODO unconditionally some tests in t/op/io.t) closed by darbelo
fixed: Patch applied in r41731. Closing ticket as "fixed".
00:00 Ticket #1095 ([PATCH] un-TODO unconditionally some tests in t/op/io.t) created by geraud
There are 2 tests in t/op/io.t which have a TODO status that seems to …


21:37 PMCUnionDeprecationTasklist edited by cotto
add a note that this task is complete (diff)
17:10 Ticket #1092 (Remove NQP leftovers during 'make realclean') closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to jkeenan: > Patch applied in r41728. GeJ++ …
16:21 CallingConventionsTasklist edited by whiteknight
16:17 CallingConventionsTasklist edited by whiteknight
+info about :call_sig and :invocant (diff)
13:23 StringsTasklist edited by whiteknight
cleanup. Add note about the need to properly encapsulate things. (diff)
13:07 CallingConventionsTasklist edited by whiteknight
rearrange stuff, move some task metadata to a ticket (diff)
13:03 Ticket #1094 (Unify VTABLE_invoke semantics between PMC types) created by whiteknight
For most subs it simply sets up the environment for invocation, and …
12:57 CallingConventionsTasklist edited by whiteknight
regroup items in this tasklist into individual refactors starting with the … (diff)
12:50 CallingConventionsTasklist edited by whiteknight
Add some new items to the task list (diff)
07:27 Ticket #1093 (t/pmc/env.t segfaults on Windows) created by fperrad
with r41681, t/pmc/env.t segfaults on Windows. See …
03:11 Ticket #1092 (Remove NQP leftovers during 'make realclean') created by geraud
I'm having a few parrot_nqp* files even after a 'make realclean'. Attached …


23:01 CallingConventionsOverview edited by geraud
With bacek's confirmation on IRC, remove nci known issue. (diff)
21:36 Ticket #1058 (auto::funcptr: config step not needed if 'jitcapable' is never true) closed by jkeenan
fixed: No complaints; closing ticket.
21:10 CallingConventionsOverview edited by allison
21:01 Ticket #1091 (ExceptionHandlers should be Subs) created by whiteknight
ExceptionHandlers are currently continuations that point to a label. When …
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11:05 CallingConventionsOverview edited by bacek
Claim few more passing tests (diff)
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08:36 CallingConventionsOverview edited by dukeleto
07:07 Ticket #1090 (Convert t/pmc/exporter.t to PIR) created by kurahaupo
Index: t/pmc/exporter.t …
03:04 CallingConventionsOverview edited by bacek
01:41 Ticket #1089 (rewrite tests for resizableintegerarray as PIR, plus add new tests) created by kurahaupo
 http://nopaste.snit.ch/18199 Also includes patch to make sure zero-fill …
00:58 CallingConventionsOverview edited by whiteknight
post outlines for argument processing algorithms, for reference. (diff)
00:39 CallingConventionsOverview edited by jkeenan
Turn text into subhead (diff)
00:38 CallingConventionsOverview edited by jkeenan
minor spelling correction (diff)
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