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09:14 Ticket #1103 (Optional named parameters must be explicit) created by allison
In the old implementation of the calling conventions, there was a bug …


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fix a minor typo (diff)
13:12 Ticket #1100 (t/src/extend.t: failing in trunk) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to bacek: > Replying to jkeenan: > > It's …
11:30 Ticket #1100 (t/src/extend.t: failing in trunk) reopened by bacek
08:38 Ticket #977 (parrot_config returns with an error about "Invalid Charset") closed by cotto


23:11 Ticket #1100 (t/src/extend.t: failing in trunk) closed by bacek
fixed: Test fixed in r41776. Closing ticket.
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15:09 Ticket #1102 (test failures with t/compilers/imcc/syn/macro.t and regressions.t in fast, ...) created by mikehh
since r41742 the following test failures have occurred in make fulltest: …
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+fix (diff)
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[wiki] add a note on macro handling in PIRC vs IMCC (diff)
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order (diff)
06:36 Ticket #1101 (Potential memory corruption caused by faulty cloning of ...) created by kurahaupo
Code inspection revealed that clone sets the resize_threshold not on the …
03:24 Ticket #1100 (t/src/extend.t: failing in trunk) created by jkeenan
At some point in the past 24 hours (r41766 or earlier), this file began to …
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rework this page to try and make it more compact. We need to triage some … (diff)
01:17 Ticket #1099 (Fix errata in synopses of PMC tests) created by kurahaupo
Fix the "prove" instructions in the synopses of various t/pmc/*.t files
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