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22:22 CallingConventionsOverview edited by dukeleto
20:50 Ticket #1109 (MultiSub PMC does not support get_namespace method) created by Austin_Hastings
A multisub PMC cannot be said to "subclass" the sub PMC, since they don't …
20:30 Ticket #1108 (Subs in "built-in PMC" namespaces are treated as PMC methods) created by Austin_Hastings
A sub that is declared in a namespace that matches the name of a builtin …
18:28 StructPruning created by chromatic
Created page with suggestions for parrot_interp_t and PackFile
18:28 Ticket #1107 (Opcode get_class has failed assertion with garbage input) created by Austin_Hastings
This code is wrong: […] (Where "NOTE" is a very expensive conditional …
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Move the CallSignature refactors section up a little bit because it's … (diff)
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validity of negative indeces (diff)
17:17 ArrayTasklist edited by kurahaupo
notes on applicability of uninitialized resizable arrays; more details on … (diff)
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notes on thread safety, exponential resizing (diff)
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add some comments. (diff)
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00:13 Ticket #1106 (Cannot presently dump Class pmcs) created by Austin_Hastings
Invoking _dumper (the front end to Data::Dumper) on a RPA returned from …


20:19 Ticket #1105 (change to a libjit based frame builder) created by plobsing
This patch removes the old i386 frame builder and replaces it with one …
00:54 Ticket #952 (pcc_arg_unify branch fails tests.) closed by jkeenan
00:26 Ticket #1104 (Correct erroneous reference in docs to Number PMC) created by jkeenan
In [ http://lists.parrot.org/pipermail/parrot-dev/2009-October/003049.html


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09:14 Ticket #1103 (Optional named parameters must be explicit) created by allison
In the old implementation of the calling conventions, there was a bug …
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