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22:39 ParrotQuotes edited by bacek
21:31 Ticket #1143 (examples/benchmarks/overload.pir requires rewriting.) created by bacek
Hello, after fixing #452 examples/benchmarks/overload.pir doesn't test …
19:27 Ticket #1142 (test 12 of t/pmc/eval.t fails in testr (passes in other runcores)) created by mikehh
In testr from fulltest at r42082 - Ubuntu 9.10 beta (updated) amd64: …
18:55 Languages edited by dukeleto
15:19 Ticket #906 ([PIR] Assignment syntactic sugar restricted to destination parameters) reopened by coke
15:10 Ticket #1113 (segfault in ??) closed by coke
fixed: I can no longer duplicate this segfault on amd64.
14:53 Ticket #906 ([PIR] Assignment syntactic sugar restricted to destination parameters) closed by kjs
wontfix: per above, "will not be changed". closing ticket as "wontfix".
03:10 ArrayTasklist edited by kurahaupo
Add reference to RT#56718; tidy page (diff)
00:47 Ticket #1141 (Parrot API changes breaks PIRC) closed by kjs
fixed: issue fixed. I was invoking the non-existent Parrot_str_create function, …
00:36 Ticket #1141 (Parrot API changes breaks PIRC) created by kjs
in pirc/bcgen.c there is a call to PF_create_default_segs. That function …


18:39 ArrayTasklist edited by kurahaupo
Arrays as mix-ins (diff)
16:51 Ticket #472 (segfault when catching an exception from C) closed by fperrad
fixed: fixed with pcc merge
15:18 Ticket #1140 (config/gen/platform/generic/env.c unsetenv() out of sync) created by doughera
Revision r41961 fixed an unsetenv() bug on Windows (see TT #1093) but it …
14:23 Ticket #1139 (Need tests for invoke_sigobject for Sub subclasses.) created by bacek
Hello. In r42036 I added check to runops for Sub subclasses (bug spotted …
12:04 Ticket #1093 (t/pmc/env.t segfaults on Windows) closed by fperrad
fixed: fixed with r41961
07:34 Ticket #1138 (Create a 'vivify' opcode) created by Austin_Hastings
PCT generates a lot of code that looks like: […] In kakapo.pir, a …
00:50 Ticket #1137 ([PATCH] fix codingstd/c_indent.t wrt switch/case labels) created by plobsing
PDD07 Specifies: > C and Perl code must be indented four columns per …


22:45 Modules edited by darbelo
Add Austin's kakapo library. (diff)
22:13 Ticket #965 (segfault in Parrot_convert_arg) closed by coke
fixed: Good catch; after the pcc branch hit trunk, …
19:52 Ticket #533 (headerizer not headerizing src/gc/gc_malloc.c) closed by chromatic
fixed: We don't even have src/gc/gc_malloc.c anymore.
19:41 Ticket #1062 (Type safe mark alive) closed by chromatic
13:41 Ticket #1136 (interactive partcl segfaults in Parrot_str_byte_length) created by coke
with latest partcl, ./tclsh segfaults instead of going into …
13:36 Ticket #1124 (t/op/arithmetics_pmc.t is skipping bigint/bignum test even when gmp is ...) closed by mikehh
fixed: This appears to be working now - closing ticket
13:29 Ticket #1135 (t/op/annotate-old.t fails using -f core) created by coke
Test appears to fail as expected, but not every core displays line numbers …
13:20 Ticket #1102 (test failures with t/compilers/imcc/syn/macro.t and regressions.t in fast, ...) closed by mikehh
fixed: The tests covered by this ticket now PASS and I am closing the ticket
12:16 Ticket #1134 (Extremely weird stack trace produced my Parrot when allocating things in a ...) created by masak
04:34 Ticket #1133 (MMD matching does not match 'scalar' with primitive types) created by Austin_Hastings
When MMD is matching a primitive (int, float, str) argument, it knows …
01:09 Ticket #1126 (tools/dev/pprof2cg.pl not installed.) closed by coke
fixed: Verified, thanks!
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