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22:43 Ticket #1150 (test all parrot command line flags) created by coke
Update t/run/options.t to test all command line flags, as well as some …


22:42 WikiStart edited by jkeenan
Moved some completed 'news and events' to archived news events (diff)
22:41 ArchivedNewsEvents edited by jkeenan
16:25 Ticket #1149 ([bug] Segfault in -t trace output) closed by NotFound
fixed: Fixed in r42112
15:16 Ticket #1149 ([bug] Segfault in -t trace output) created by pmichaud
While working on debugging some issues in nqp-rx this morning, I ran into …


20:27 Ticket #1148 (Implement "clone" method for CallSignature) created by flh
Currently, CallSignature relies on the default clone method, which does …
19:35 Ticket #1147 ([PATCH] update nci.pmc for pcc_reapply) created by plobsing
This patch does the following: * fix src/pmc/nci.pmc to emit the new pcc …
15:54 Ticket #1146 (same code works on windows, not on mac) created by kjs
This program: […] Works fine on windows, whereas on MacOS 10.6, I …
15:49 CallingConventionsTasklist edited by allison
15:47 CallingConventionsTasklist edited by allison
15:39 Ticket #186 (Something wrong with numbers) closed by kjs
fixed: this now works properly on windows and macos. Can't test on cywgin since …
15:38 Ticket #198 (PIRC segfaults on particular sequences of code.) closed by kjs
fixed: the generated bytecode is now properly executed. No changes to PIRC were …
15:33 Ticket #1145 (extend/embed API functions for calling subs/methods) created by allison
The following functions (part of the public API) are deprecated and will …
02:32 Ticket #1144 (MMD incorrectly matches _ instead of String) created by Austin_Hastings
In the code below, I believe that calls to foo('bar') should be …
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