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23:05 Ticket #1160 (t/compilers/tge/grammar.t: failure in 'two rules of the same name') created by jkeenan
This test was TODO-ed by allison in r14596. However, it appears that no …
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link to question page (diff)
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creation of question page
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add link to MakeEveryPMCAnObject wiki page (diff)
16:21 Ticket #476 (Binaries should not contain rpath) reopened by coke
doughera's thread throughout this ticket of rpath_lib vs. rpath_blib is …
14:57 Ticket #1159 (make distcheck target) created by jhoblitt
With similar behavior to automake except for an out of tree build test …


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questions about "Array" PMC; added RT links (diff)
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initial version, probably needs lots for formatting fixes
14:54 Ticket #1158 (t/op/01-parse_ops.t: figure out how to test parsing of pmc constant ...) created by particle
r13601 added a test to check parsing of every parrot opcode. but those …
13:14 Ticket #1157 (Whitespace before/after the dot in a methodcall is disallowed) created by whiteknight
From a tangential discussion at RT #57656. IMCC currently allows the …
13:02 Ticket #1156 (add_sub should append to a MultSub) created by whiteknight
add_sub can add a Sub and a MultiSub to a NameSpace. However, if we …
03:12 Ticket #1155 (dynext - dll versioning) created by rurban
Thanks to the Windows DLL Hell L< http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DLL_hell> …
03:10 Ticket #1154 (Handle Pending Events More Frequently) created by chromatic
Currently, the concurrency and events system only handles pending events …
01:39 Ticket #1153 ('parrot -O2 oofib.pir' errors out, when -O1 succeeds) created by coke
Originally reported as …
01:13 Ticket #1152 (:named should default to the name of the parameter) created by coke
Originally opened in  http://rt.perl.org/rt3/Ticket/Display.html?id=58886, …
00:49 Ticket #1151 (Exception thrown from constructor leads to oddness) created by coke
This code should generate: […] but instead generates […] […] …


22:43 Ticket #1150 (test all parrot command line flags) created by coke
Update t/run/options.t to test all command line flags, as well as some …
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