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16:49 Ticket #1173 (NCI segfaults with null pcc_params_signature) created by jhorwitz
changes in r32203 cause mod_parrot to segfault, as the param signature is …
16:46 Ticket #1172 (Lexical Associations Not Thawed with Tailcalls) created by chromatic
From t/pmc/exception.t test #26: .sub main :main .local pmc a .lex 'a', a …
16:42 Ticket #1171 (Lexicals and :outer not Thawed Properly from PBC) created by chromatic
Several tests in t/op/lexicals.t fail when run as PBC (or with parrot -r): …
15:10 Ticket #1170 (/docs/book/pir/ch04_variables.pod: Iterator does not work as documented) created by jkeenan
Based on /docs/book/pir/ch04_variables.pod -- or page 34 of the PIR …
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Upgraded to Karmic (diff)
07:39 Languages edited by fperrad
typo (diff)
06:42 AbandonedLanguages edited by dukeleto
add stuff about blizkost and the relation it has to PONIE (diff)
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04:26 Ticket #1169 ([PATCH] lives_ok() for Test::More) closed by dukeleto
fixed: The patch had am incorrect plan and was failing one coding standard test, …
03:29 Ticket #1169 ([PATCH] lives_ok() for Test::More) created by bubaflub
This is a patch for lives_ok() which passes if the code tested throws no …
03:17 Languages edited by dukeleto
01:40 Ticket #1168 (PMC to Float conversion not working as documented) created by jkeenan
Here are lines 1101-1104 of docs/book/pir/ch04_variables.pod: […] …


20:22 Ticket #1167 (some new types not handled by gen::opengl step) created by fperrad
on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic, i386 with : * gcc4.4.1 * freeglut3 2.4.0 two …
13:34 Ticket #1166 (benchmark_tests FAIL from r42170 - Failed tests: 18-20) closed by bacek
12:08 Ticket #1166 (benchmark_tests FAIL from r42170 - Failed tests: 18-20) created by mikehh
I got a failure in fulltest at r42173 in benchmark_tests […] the test …
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17:25 Ticket #1165 (need ability to dispatch to parent's method or vtable from PIR) created by coke
If you write a class in PIR, you can access certain ancestral …
13:31 Ticket #1164 (Update Tutorials in http://www.parrotblog.org/) created by kthakore
07:50 Ticket #1136 (interactive partcl segfaults in Parrot_str_byte_length) closed by chromatic
fixed: Fixed in r42173.
01:17 Ticket #1163 (PGE: refactor pod_comment rule into PGE/Util.pbc) created by pmichaud
Currently several compiler tools (pgc, tgc, perl6, and more) make use of a …
01:10 Ticket #1162 (Pg NCI Test Makes Unportable Connection) created by chromatic
t/library/pg.t fails pretty miserably on this line: con = …
00:55 Ticket #1161 (pdump - Dumping constants shouldn't unpack the constants) created by coke
Dumping constants shouldn't unpack the constants, but just print out the …
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