and .


20:12 Ticket #1192 ([RFE] Redesign Parrot NCI callback functionality) created by japhb
This is a migration of RT #50360; original text follows: Parrot's NCI …
20:06 Deprecation edited by allison
20:04 Deprecation edited by allison
19:11 PCCMigrationNotes created by allison
16:57 Ticket #1191 (Deprecate Parrot_get_runtime_prefix) created by NotFound
The function Parrot_get_runtime_prefix returns a char *, which is …
16:01 Ticket #1190 (Replace .globalconst/.const directives by .const/.localconst ...) created by kjs
This ticket replaces RT57634. hi, in PIR you can use the .globalconst …
03:32 JITRewrite edited by dukeleto
03:28 JITRewrite edited by plobsing
add note about frame builder (diff)
03:15 JITRewrite edited by plobsing
put tasks at the top (diff)
02:32 Ticket #1189 (t/steps/*/*.t: Replace reliance on init::defaults) created by jkeenan
This ticket moves to Trac discussion of issues found in several tickets in …
00:50 Ticket #1188 ([RFC] Modify build directories to more closely match the install ...) created by allison
To simplify building a language from a build tree or install tree, change …
00:00 Ticket #1187 (t/src/warnings fails test 2 on optimized build with Ubuntu 9.10 amd64) created by mikehh
At r42229 on Ubuntu 9.10 amd64 I get an error in t/src/warnings.t smolder …


19:57 Ticket #1186 ([PATCH] convert t/op/00ff-unix.t to PIR) created by bubaflub
I converted t/op/00ff-unix.t to PIR. As I understand the test, we want to …
19:50 Ticket #1185 ([PATCH] attempted to rewrite t/op/00ff-dos.t in PIR) created by bubaflub
I rewrote t/op/00ff-dos.t to cut my teeth on some PIR. Unfortunately the …
19:26 Ticket #1184 ([PATCH] fix trailing white space on src/pmc/multisub.pmc) closed by darbelo
fixed: Applied the patch in r42229, resolving ticket as fixed.
19:08 Ticket #1184 ([PATCH] fix trailing white space on src/pmc/multisub.pmc) created by bubaflub
src/pmc/multisub.pmc fails t/codingstd/trailing_space.t and this patch …
19:02 Ticket #1183 (dies_ok() for Test::More) created by bubaflub
dukeleto asked for a corresponding dies_ok() on #1169 and so here it is. …
18:22 Ticket #1182 (Add 'long long' to types supported by NCI) created by japhb
This is a migration of RT #53406; original request as follows: At least …
18:12 Ticket #1167 (some new types not handled by gen::opengl step) closed by japhb
fixed: Patch applied verbatim, thanks fperrad++!
17:34 WikiStart edited by jkeenan
15:34 Ticket #1134 (Extremely weird stack trace produced my Parrot when allocating things in a ...) closed by coke
14:29 Ticket #1181 (make cover doesn't show coverage of *.ops files.) created by coke
e.g.: …
08:07 Ticket #1180 (examples/nci/ls.pir prints only lines with one character each) created by moritz
Currently (r42217) examples/nci/ls.pir gives a weird output, at most one …
05:28 Ticket #1179 (Test open file, close file, delete file, reopen previously opened stream) created by dukeleto
This was RT#46827: [TODO] [Pir] Test open file, close file, delete file, …
05:24 Ticket #1178 (Test get_fd in t/pmc/parrotio.t) created by dukeleto
This was RT#46843: [TODO] [Pir] Test get_fd in t/pmc/parrotio.t In …
05:22 Ticket #1177 (test buffer_size in t/pmc/parrotio.t) created by dukeleto
This was RT#46841: [TODO] [Pir] Test buffer_size in t/pmc/parrotio.t In …
03:32 Ticket #1176 (Configure-time check for whether to use powl() or pow(), since powl() is ...) created by dukeleto
This site lists powl() as an optional POSIX extension: …
03:04 Ticket #1175 (Get external Perl5 modules out of the parrot repo) created by particle
I am moving into the Trac system …
02:48 StringsTasklist edited by coke
02:34 StringsTasklist edited by coke
02:29 StringsTasklist edited by coke
02:19 Ticket #1174 (Disallow .local declarations in long-style call statement) created by kjs
the current implementation for PIR allows one to declare .locals in a …


16:49 Ticket #1173 (NCI segfaults with null pcc_params_signature) created by jhorwitz
changes in r32203 cause mod_parrot to segfault, as the param signature is …
16:46 Ticket #1172 (Lexical Associations Not Thawed with Tailcalls) created by chromatic
From t/pmc/exception.t test #26: .sub main :main .local pmc a .lex 'a', a …
16:42 Ticket #1171 (Lexicals and :outer not Thawed Properly from PBC) created by chromatic
Several tests in t/op/lexicals.t fail when run as PBC (or with parrot -r): …
15:10 Ticket #1170 (/docs/book/pir/ch04_variables.pod: Iterator does not work as documented) created by jkeenan
Based on /docs/book/pir/ch04_variables.pod -- or page 34 of the PIR …
08:07 ListOfPlatforms edited by barney
Upgraded to Karmic (diff)
07:39 Languages edited by fperrad
typo (diff)
06:42 AbandonedLanguages edited by dukeleto
add stuff about blizkost and the relation it has to PONIE (diff)
06:38 Languages edited by dukeleto
04:26 Ticket #1169 ([PATCH] lives_ok() for Test::More) closed by dukeleto
fixed: The patch had am incorrect plan and was failing one coding standard test, …
03:29 Ticket #1169 ([PATCH] lives_ok() for Test::More) created by bubaflub
This is a patch for lives_ok() which passes if the code tested throws no …
03:17 Languages edited by dukeleto
01:40 Ticket #1168 (PMC to Float conversion not working as documented) created by jkeenan
Here are lines 1101-1104 of docs/book/pir/ch04_variables.pod: […] …
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