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22:36 Ticket #1095 ([PATCH] un-TODO unconditionally some tests in t/op/io.t) closed by darbelo
21:27 Ticket #1277 ([PATCH] cleanup nqp-rx leftovers on `make realclean`) created by geraud
Since nqp-rx got merged in trunk, the generated nqp files where renamed …
17:35 Ticket #1276 (Parrot does't build on Win32 with MSVC) created by whiteknight
The build fails on win32 with msvc (cl version 15.0) with the following …
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09:01 Ticket #1275 (failure with eq_num op in t/op/comp.t with g++ 4.4.1 --optimized build) created by mikehh
I switched to Ubuntu 9.10 i386 and eventually got parrot to build with g++ …
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I'm not in charge of the standard library (diff)


22:20 Ticket #1274 (failure in t/pmc/filehandle.t) closed by cotto
fixed: The problem was that . isn't in the PATH on Coke's system. The misfailure …
17:45 Ticket #1274 (failure in t/pmc/filehandle.t) created by coke
[…] This is at r42527; This test file was modified in r42521.


22:44 Ticket #1273 (Provide a parrot 'backtrace' with assertion failures.) created by Austin_Hastings
When an assertion fails, a C stack trace is provided which is not …
22:33 Ticket #1272 (Problems with codetest on files in ext/ directory (should ext/ be included ...) created by mikehh
I have recently been getting codetest failures with …
21:07 Ticket #1269 ([PATCH] convert t/op/comp.t to PIR) closed by mikehh
fixed: applied in r42518
20:13 Ticket #1271 (Ability to spawn Parrot processes from PIR in tests) created by whiteknight
the tests in t/op/spawnw.t all rely pretty heavily on the existence of …
19:57 Ticket #1187 (t/src/warnings fails test 2 on optimized build with Ubuntu 9.10 amd64) closed by mikehh
fixed: The test now passes after bacek++ fixed include/parrot/context.h (r42444) …
19:55 Ticket #1270 (decodetime and decodelocaltime return Array) created by whiteknight
the decodetime and decodelocaltime ops return an Array PMC, not a …
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01:37 Ticket #1263 (Determine configuration value for 'platform' prior to gen::platform) closed by jkeenan
fixed: No complaints. Closing ticket.
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