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00:24 Ticket #1309 (perl Configure.pl finds icu but doesn't set it up) created by getpsimon
perl Configure.pl finds icu during config but doesn't set you up to use …


19:27 Ticket #744 (Assertion Failure with steme and rakudo) closed by tene
fixed: This, after the other problem went away, turned out to be two individual …
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Minor prose improvement (diff)
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Add notes about closure interpolation and whitespace/paren issues (diff)
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17:00 Ticket #541 (r37927 segfaults on building lua) closed by whiteknight
duplicate: closing this ticket as a duplicate of #643.
14:37 Ticket #1002 (Building PGE dies with segfault when JIT enabled under Fedora 11) closed by coke
duplicate: As noted earlier, this ticket is a duplicate of #581; resolving ticket, …
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Global viv, tt#1308 (diff)
10:12 Ticket #1308 (NQPrx does not vivify globals in all cases) created by Austin_Hastings
This code: […] generates: […] for the access code in sub zzz. …
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Default parameter initialization (diff)
08:50 Ticket #1307 (NQP-rx doesn't handle comments correctly?) closed by pmichaud
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spaces around 'else' (diff)
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07:28 Ticket #1307 (NQP-rx doesn't handle comments correctly?) created by Austin_Hastings
The code below, compiled via "parrot-nqp bad.nqp", fails. Moving the line …
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06:21 Migrating to NQPrx created by Austin_Hastings
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Added link to (nyi) Migrating to NQPrx (diff)
03:24 Ticket #1306 (Various failures on bogus string used as argname (1.7)) created by Austin_Hastings
I've got the following test setup (using Kakapo libs): […] The upshot …
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Add documentation goal with subgoals (diff)
20:57 Ticket #1305 ([DEPRECATION] The IMAGE_IO structure.) created by darbelo
The freeze/thaw process has as it's central data structure the IMAGE_IO …
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Remove my suggestion for now. (diff)
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19:47 Ticket #1304 (Parrotcode.org docs show up before parrot.org on web searches) created by dukeleto
Parrotcode.org's main page is redirected to parrot.org, but individual …
19:21 Ticket #1303 ([DEPRECATION] Array PMC) created by cotto
The Array PMC and any code that only it depends on are deprecated. Any …
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That was not a 2.0 priority but a RIGHT NOW priority. (diff)
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18:59 DevelopmentPriorities created by chromatic
18:40 Ticket #1302 (PIR todo() is frequently misused) created by Util
In pure PIR .t tests that use the test_more harness, the todo() function …
18:08 Ticket #583 (http download links should be exposed on download page) closed by coke
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Parrot 1.8.0 released (diff)
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16:38 Ticket #1276 (Parrot does't build on Win32 with MSVC) closed by whiteknight
invalid: This issue is a problem with taking too much Parrot configuration …
16:31 Ticket #1301 (Update RT references in repository/wiki) created by coke
parrot's  http://rt.perl.org/rt3/ queue is now empty. there are 175 …
16:12 Ticket #1300 (sysinfo_s opcode incomplete) created by coke
"src/interp/inter_misc.c" defines the sysinfo_s function used by the …
16:06 Ticket #1299 (create tests for Config/JSON.pbc) created by coke
Config/JSON was added in '07 without tests in response to …
16:03 Ticket #1298 (opcodes, warnings, and exceptions) created by particle
the api for opcodes needs review, especially with regard to the response …
15:59 Ticket #1297 (PackFile_Constant_unpack_pmc should call Parrot_thaw_constants(), not ...) created by Infinoid
There is a TODO comment in this function, which has been there for quite …
15:52 Ticket #1296 (:vtable is ignored when :anon) closed by coke
wontfix: As I was transferring this from RT, the original was rejected. See TT #389
15:48 Ticket #1296 (:vtable is ignored when :anon) created by Bram Geron <bgeron@…>
:vtable subs are not stored in the vtable slot of a namespace when :anon …
13:58 Ticket #1295 (Should FixedPMCArray autovivify nested arrays on set_*keyed()?) created by whiteknight
(From RT #46675) Here is an example of code: […] It's clear from the …
13:56 Ticket #1294 (Build failure on OpenBSD 4.6 -- missing dependency?) created by doughera
When building with r42551, I got the following error. I suspect a missing …
12:12 Ticket #553 ([CAGE] Remove Bundle::Parrot from README?) closed by barney
fixed: Removed the reference to Bundle::Parrot in r42548. Prior to the Parrot …
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add some counterpoints and clarifications to the opcode proposition (diff)
05:00 Milestone 1.8 completed
04:36 Ticket #1293 (Array PMC freeze/thaw/visit broken) created by cotto
r29183 adds a test to t/pmc/array.t that exposes some brokenness in the …
04:34 Ticket #1292 (Correct destruction of PackFile objects) created by coke
Originally opened as  http://rt.perl.org/rt3/Ticket/Display.html?id=46687
04:25 Ticket #1291 (update make headerizer to work with PMCs too.) created by coke
[…] should update function documentation in the PMCs in addition to …
04:10 Ticket #1290 (Produce Single PBC from Multiple PIR Files with -o) created by chromatic
After discussing the idea with Allison, we both believe that Parrot should …
03:57 Ticket #1289 (Review/Consolidate test infrastructure in t/codingstd and t/distro) created by coke
Originally reported in …
03:21 Ticket #1288 (Limit the required interface for PMCs) created by coke
[…] Originally reported in …
03:19 Ticket #1287 (Move thread check into Parrot_exit()) created by coke
[…] Originally reported in …
03:15 Ticket #1286 (method overload in pir subclass of pmc pccmethod leaves object undefined) created by particle
while creating a subclass of Exporter to test inter-language exports, i …
03:09 Ticket #1285 (Some files generated by Configure.pl should be generated by Makefile) created by coke
The config step config/gen/parrot_include.pm generates several .pasm …
02:58 Ticket #1284 (Integer PMC missing math methods) created by coke
IMO, this code: […] should print 2.71828182845905 2.71828182845905 …
02:41 Ticket #1283 (rethrow should keep the backtrace of the original 'die') created by coke
Originally reported in: …
02:34 Ticket #1282 (OS.cwd returns platform specific slashes...) created by coke
... but some languages need a way to get agnostic slashes. Rather than …
02:23 Ticket #1281 (Remove graph coloring register allocator from IMCC) created by coke
For original discussion, see …
02:06 Ticket #917 (What mailing lists should parrot.org host?) closed by coke
fixed: parrot-users-nyc now exists at …
02:06 Ticket #1280 ([patch]removed unused codes in oo.c) created by jimmy
this patch removed some unused codes. […]
02:02 Ticket #608 (user mailing list (parrot-users) with an associated google group) closed by coke
fixed: […]
01:49 Lorito created by plobsing
initial thoughts
01:29 Ticket #1279 (Parrot prefers libraries in build tree to installed tree or current ...) created by pmichaud
When executing load_bytecode 'foo.pbc', if foo.pbc exists in …
00:50 Ticket #1278 (remove MT19937 from stdlib) created by coke
The mt19937 library is now hosted at …
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