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23:55 WhyDoesNQPGenerateInefficientCode edited by samlh
Reformat for easier reading (diff)
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21:37 WhyDoesNQPGenerateInefficientCode created by cotto
first version, direct copy/paste from irc, definitely needs reworking
04:27 Ticket #1332 (change get_string on FPA, RPA (et al?)) created by coke
RPA inherits the get_string vtable from its parent, FPA, which says: …
03:10 NQPDocs edited by coke


23:37 DocsTasklist edited by japhb
Summarize and collate comments from linked #parrotsketch discussion (diff)
23:06 DocsTasklist edited by japhb
Slightly rewind link to beginning of parrotsketch discussion (my original … (diff)
22:11 Languages edited by coke
add partcl-nqp (diff)
22:02 Ticket #1331 (Mac OS 10.5 configuration fix) created by allison
This patch was given to me on IRC by someone who attended one of my Parrot …
21:14 DocsTasklist edited by allison
21:12 DocsTasklist edited by allison
21:11 DocsTasklist edited by allison
18:55 DocsTasklist edited by allison
02:53 Ticket #1330 ([PATCH] deprecate "v" to denote empty nci pararameter list) created by plobsing
PDD16 indicates that "v" to indicate no parameters to an NCI function is …
00:51 Ticket #1329 ([PATCH] extend scope of t/codingstd/c_indent.t) created by plobsing
t/codingstd/c_indent.t currently only scans C code when the C preprocessor …


15:56 git-svn-tutorial edited by urkle
Added "shortcut" hack to getting git-svn metadata from github clone. and … (diff)
15:28 Ticket #1328 (announce next release when announcing current release) created by coke
Seen on the latest perl 5.11 announcement: […] We should crib this …
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