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16:53 Ticket #662 ([PATCH] Add more dependencies on parrot.h) closed by doughera
fixed: The original patch included here has been applied. The more general …
16:46 Ticket #1343 (parrot's Test::More's is(PMC,Float), with precision) created by coke
This option needs better docs in the pod. (specifically, what do you pass …
08:36 Ticket #1148 (Implement "clone" method for CallSignature) closed by dukeleto
done: Applied as r42844, thanks!
07:33 Ticket #1342 ([RFC] make a test_core.pir that tests which are part of coretest use, ...) created by dukeleto
Tests that are in make coretest cannot use PGE, but there is nothing …
04:33 Ticket #1114 ([patch] Converted some tests from perl to pir) closed by dukeleto
done: I think the scripts used to generate the tests will not be added, so I am …
04:32 Ticket #1090 (Convert t/pmc/exporter.t to PIR) closed by dukeleto


19:34 Languages edited by barney
Lazy K works on Parrot 1.8.0 (diff)
13:14 Ticket #1294 (Build failure on OpenBSD 4.6 -- missing dependency?) closed by doughera
08:49 ArrayTasklist edited by jimmy
change RT #56718 to TT #1293 (diff)
06:55 Ticket #1341 ([PATCH] hide magic numbers in src/pmc_freeze.c with macros) closed by cotto
fixed: Thanks. This was committed as r42832.
06:41 Ticket #1341 ([PATCH] hide magic numbers in src/pmc_freeze.c with macros) created by plobsing
src/pmc_freeze.c has the following comment: […] The attached patch …


15:23 Ticket #1340 (Parrot may end up calling dlclose() twice with the same handle, ref. ...) created by heidnes
I have been puzzled by why the last test in t/pmc/threads.t (number 14 at …
06:40 chromaticTasks created by chromatic
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