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02:13 Ticket #1359 ([RFC] Merge freeze/thaw with PBC) created by plobsing
= Problems = freeze/thaw and PBC are already inter-related: * PBC uses …
01:35 Ticket #1327 (remove old languages files) closed by jkeenan
fixed: These were deleted on Dec 03 in r42887. Closing ticket. kid51
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This is how it usually works around here. (diff)
00:24 Ticket #1336 (Convert t/pmc/bigint.t to PIR) closed by mikehh
fixed: It looks like the issue for re-opening the ticket is now resolved
00:13 Ticket #1358 ('make realclean' doesn't clean some nqp-rx files) closed by coke
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21:58 Ticket #1358 ('make realclean' doesn't clean some nqp-rx files) created by moritz
After a reconfigure, rebuild and realclean, git status of my git-svn …
09:14 Ticket #1357 ([patch]changed capture.pmc to use GET_ATTR syntax) created by jimmy
changed capture.pmc to use GET_ATTR syntax […]
00:55 Ticket #1336 (Convert t/pmc/bigint.t to PIR) reopened by jkeenan
mikehh, kurahaupo: The Perl version of this test handled well the case …


17:54 Ticket #1356 ([TODO] add method FixedStringArray.sort()) created by fperrad
Add the method sort in the FixedStringArray PMC. Currently, the method …
12:06 Ticket #1355 (tools/dev/mk_native_pbc is broken) closed by bacek
fixed: Fixed in r42873
11:42 Ticket #1355 (tools/dev/mk_native_pbc is broken) created by bacek
Hello. Recent rewrites perl-based test files into pir causes …
10:18 Ticket #1354 ([patch]removed unused codes from Vtable.pm) created by jimmy
removed unused codes from Vtable.pm […]
08:52 Ticket #1353 (svn:ignore-ing too many things in t/) created by dukeleto
Why are all these directories ignored? […]
08:20 Ticket #1352 ([RFC]: Realtime garbage collector for RTEMS) created by dukeleto
Parrot works on RTEMS. I am not sure how our garbage collector interacts …
07:18 Ticket #1351 ([patch]changed bignum.pmc to use GET_ATTR syntax) created by jimmy
changed bignum.pmc to use GET_ATTR syntax […]
07:01 Ticket #1350 ([patch]changed bigint.pmc to use GET_ATTR syntax) created by jimmy
changed bigint.pmc to use GET_ATTR syntax […]
06:54 Ticket #1349 ([patch]changed arrayiterator.pmc to use GET_ATTR syntax) created by jimmy
changed arrayiterator.pmc to use GET_ATTR syntax […]
06:49 Ticket #1348 ([patch]changed addrregistry.pmc to use GET_ATTR syntax) created by jimmy
changed addrregistry.pmc to use GET_ATTR syntax […]
06:48 Ticket #1347 ([patch]removed unused codes in addrregistry.pmc) created by jimmy
removed unused codes in addrregistry.pmc I couldn't find where it is used …
06:38 Ticket #1345 ([PATCH] eliminate {push,shift}_opcode_pmc from pmc_freeze) closed by cotto
fixed: Thanks for adding a bit more sanity to this poor chunk of code. Your …
06:29 Ticket #1346 ([patch]Removed unused macro in pobj.h, reordered codes in args.c) created by jimmy
Removed unused macro in pobj.h. Reordered codes in args.c, because it will …
05:50 Ticket #1345 ([PATCH] eliminate {push,shift}_opcode_pmc from pmc_freeze) created by plobsing
The pseudo-pmc used in pmc freeze/thaw includes operations that appear to …
05:31 Ticket #1344 (documentation spell-checking) created by kurahaupo
Results of documentation spell-checking, in the form of a corrections …
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