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03:03 Ticket #1353 (svn:ignore-ing too many things in t/) closed by dukeleto
02:25 Ticket #1360 ("smoke_languages.pl" doesn't deal with spaces in paths) created by jpaton
Running "smoke_languages.pl" on Windows Vista x64 I get: […] The …


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08:55 CottoTasklist created by cotto
initial version
02:13 Ticket #1359 ([RFC] Merge freeze/thaw with PBC) created by plobsing
= Problems = freeze/thaw and PBC are already inter-related: * PBC uses …
01:35 Ticket #1327 (remove old languages files) closed by jkeenan
fixed: These were deleted on Dec 03 in r42887. Closing ticket. kid51
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This is how it usually works around here. (diff)
00:24 Ticket #1336 (Convert t/pmc/bigint.t to PIR) closed by mikehh
fixed: It looks like the issue for re-opening the ticket is now resolved
00:13 Ticket #1358 ('make realclean' doesn't clean some nqp-rx files) closed by coke
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21:58 Ticket #1358 ('make realclean' doesn't clean some nqp-rx files) created by moritz
After a reconfigure, rebuild and realclean, git status of my git-svn …
09:14 Ticket #1357 ([patch]changed capture.pmc to use GET_ATTR syntax) created by jimmy
changed capture.pmc to use GET_ATTR syntax […]
00:55 Ticket #1336 (Convert t/pmc/bigint.t to PIR) reopened by jkeenan
mikehh, kurahaupo: The Perl version of this test handled well the case …
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