and .


21:53 Ticket #1218 ([PATCH] t/dynpmc/foo2.t converted to PIR) closed by Util
fixed: == Regarding combining the .t files: == Since foo.pmc is separate from …
21:37 Ticket #1364 ([PATCH] fix coretest) closed by mikehh
fixed: applied at r42949 passes make corevm / make coretest
21:24 Ticket #873 (Blanket ports exclusion needs discussion) closed by wayland
wontfix: Due to a difference in philosophy about how a tarball should be turned …
18:14 Ticket #1364 ([PATCH] fix coretest) created by bubaflub
Sorry, I killed coretest. Can't use like() or any PGE in the core because …
17:01 Languages edited by fperrad
00:32 Ticket #1363 (Parrot_OS_Exec_Command(_Argv)? unused) created by plobsing
The function Parrot_OS_Exec_Command() appears to be unused. In fact, it is …


23:08 Ticket #1361 (src/runcore/profiling.c: Can't use attribute nonnull on a non-pointer ...) closed by darbelo
fixed: Fixed in r42929.
16:16 Ticket #1362 (parrot does not build if library glfw is installed) created by wagnerf
i'm building parrot (for rakudo) on my machine. i'm running : git clone …
16:06 Ticket #1361 (src/runcore/profiling.c: Can't use attribute nonnull on a non-pointer ...) created by doughera
As of r42927, gcc-4.3.2 complains about the attribute nonnull on a …
09:32 CottoTasklist edited by cotto
07:28 Ticket #1354 ([patch]removed unused codes from Vtable.pm) closed by cotto
fixed: Thanks for clearing out some cruft. This patch was committed as r42923.
07:10 Ticket #1346 ([patch]Removed unused macro in pobj.h, reordered codes in args.c) closed by cotto
fixed: Thanks for this cleanup. I committed the args.c changes as r42922.


03:03 Ticket #1353 (svn:ignore-ing too many things in t/) closed by dukeleto
02:25 Ticket #1360 ("smoke_languages.pl" doesn't deal with spaces in paths) created by jpaton
Running "smoke_languages.pl" on Windows Vista x64 I get: […] The …
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