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21:02 Ticket #1377 (Build fails on OSX in continuation.c) closed by coke
20:31 Ticket #1377 (Build fails on OSX in continuation.c) created by baest
Build fails with on OSX (both error on 1.9.0 and revision 43137): […] …
16:17 Ticket #1376 ([NQP-rx] cannot support an empty string as token) closed by pmichaud
fixed: Now fixed in r43134. Thanks! Pm
13:40 Ticket #853 (Can't load OpenGL) closed by fperrad
13:36 Ticket #1098 ([CAGE] rename parrot_nqp to parrot-nqp) closed by fperrad
fixed: Done with nqp-rx.
13:33 Ticket #1376 ([NQP-rx] cannot support an empty string as token) created by fperrad
nqp-rx cannot support an empty string in a token. […] […]
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06:47 Ticket #1375 ([patch]changed class.pmc to use GET_ATTR syntax) created by jimmy
There are places that hadn't been changed. 1. VTABLE visit function. (But …
06:20 Ticket #1373 (./t/tools/pgegrep.t: New failures) closed by dukeleto
fixed: Fixed.
05:38 Ticket #1374 (:immediate semantics have changed) created by pmichaud
The semantics of the :immediate flag on subs has changed since 1.4.0 …
04:03 Ticket #1373 (./t/tools/pgegrep.t: New failures) created by jkeenan
Observed in trunk on Darwin/PPC at r43116. This is new since release. I …


05:46 Ticket #1372 (Change usages of 'Getopt::Obj' to ['Getopt';'Obj']) created by coke
This should be reverted until post 2.0; while the new NS is the desired …
04:15 Ticket #1326 (crow.pir is broken) closed by japhb
fixed: Fixed in r43082.
03:31 Ticket #1367 ([patch]changed codestring.pmc to use GET_ATTR syntax and consting) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to jkeenan: > > I'll hold ticket open for several …
01:06 TestingProfiling created by cotto
create a page to document the difficulties in testing the profiling …
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23:52 Ticket #1371 (failed assertion 'PObj_is_PMC_TEST(obj)' doing IO from Rakudo) created by carlin
The attached Perl 6 run from Rakudo randomly (usually right after it …
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rearranging and cleanup (diff)
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05:00 Milestone 1.9 completed
01:56 Ticket #604 (pge, debug and visibility, tools) closed by pmichaud
fixed: I think this can be marked complete now. PGE is obsoleted in favor of the …
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