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01:36 Ticket #1384 (t/examples/pir.t: test #2 (quine_ord) failing) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Fixed by mikehh++ in r43170.


14:15 Ticket #1384 (t/examples/pir.t: test #2 (quine_ord) failing) created by jkeenan
Test # 2 in t/examples/pir.t is failing for me in trunk. Here is the …
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08:51 Ticket #1383 ([PATCH] add a cli option to set Parrot's hash seed) created by cotto
The attached patch adds --hash-seed to parrot's cli options. When set to …
04:02 Ticket #1382 (auto::alignptrs: Eliminate this config step) created by jkeenan
In TT #498, Andy Dougherty noted that the result of configuration step …
03:54 Ticket #498 (Alignment test is unreliable on linux due to unaligned access fixups in ...) closed by jkeenan
wontfix: Replying to doughera: […] I confirmed tonight what Andy D …


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18:56 Ticket #1381 (Parrot-based project skeleton creation script) created by brianwisti
Since not all Parrot projects are languages, it would be nice to have a …
18:35 Ticket #1380 (segfault in Parrot_Coroutine_invoke when running t/pmc/coroutine_9.pir) closed by cotto
duplicate: This test is TODO'd (i.e. expected to fail) with a reference to TT #1003. …
17:39 Ticket #1380 (segfault in Parrot_Coroutine_invoke when running t/pmc/coroutine_9.pir) created by ligne
[…] svn trunk@43141. Fedora 10 i386, gcc version 4.3.2 20081105 (Red …
14:37 Ticket #539 (NQP does not autovivify "our @" but does for "my @") closed by pmichaud
fixed: Now fixed in nqp-rx. Pm
14:37 Ticket #538 (NQP list initializers) closed by pmichaud
invalid: Short answer: Parens are not used to create lists or arrays in NQP (or …
07:24 Ticket #1379 (Port Perl 5 built-in times() to PIR) created by dukeleto
It would be nice to be able to have something like Perl 5's times() …
03:16 Ticket #1378 (Hash or by-string interface to interp object / interpinfo / sysinfo) created by japhb
See  http://irclog.perlgeek.de/parrot/2009-12-18#i_1850474 for details, but …
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