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22:49 Ticket #1400 (1.9.0 Compilation on Mac) created by jth
This may or may not be a bug, first time using parrot as part of a perl6 …


00:36 Ticket #1399 (Array unshift/access broken) created by plobsing
The Array PMC breaks (segfaults) when a large number of PMCs are unshifted …


23:28 Languages edited by fperrad
update Forth (diff)
15:41 Ticket #1343 (parrot's Test::More's is(PMC,Float), with precision) closed by coke
fixed: The original points raised in this ticket have been addressed; docs have …
15:37 Ticket #231 (make -j2 test fails) closed by coke
14:40 Ticket #1398 (pbc_to_exe should be able to specify the output files.) created by coke
Currently, pbc_to_exe uses the same name as the input PBC file; it would …
02:58 Ticket #1397 ([patch]changed ATTR n_regs_used[4] to use UINTVAL type in sub.pmc) created by jimmy
this fixed a warning in coroutine.pmc, because ATTR n_regs_used[4] in …
02:50 Ticket #1396 ([patch]changed two PMCs to use GET_ATTR syntax) created by jimmy
1. continuation.pmc 2. coroutine.pmc
02:46 Ticket #1395 ([patch]various minor change to parrot) created by jimmy
1. changed SELF.foo() to STATICSELF.foo() in Vtable function 2. consting …
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