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typo fix (diff)
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PLA is in use by Matrixy and is mostly stable for now. Bump to Beta stage (diff)
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08:40 Ticket #1423 (pirc breaks headizer) created by cotto
As of r43711, make headerizer fails with the following message: […] …


21:16 Ticket #679 (Hash changes to AssociativePMCArray) closed by coke
wontfix: Rejecting ticket. Too much lift for too little return. Discussed in #ps …
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19:52 Ticket #1305 ([DEPRECATION] The IMAGE_IO structure.) closed by darbelo
fixed: This was done in the pmc_freeze_with_pmcs branch, which merged into trunk …
19:32 Ticket #338 (deprecated: dynoplibs.pl and dynpmc.pl) closed by coke
fixed: tewk++ points out that this script, while referenced in the ncigen …
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