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23:05 Ticket #1425 (pbc_merge does not correctly adjust constant offsets for parameter names) created by Austin_Hastings
I have some PIR code (NQP generated) that contains this line: […] When …
21:06 Ticket #1424 (Parrot will not parse PIR missing newline at EOF) created by Austin_Hastings
This script: […] produces a .pir file with no newline at the end. (Vim …
17:44 ChrootSetup edited by allison
17:44 ChrootSetup edited by allison
14:22 Modules edited by whiteknight
Rearranging things for comparison, PDS doesn't seem to show up on dalek … (diff)


19:25 ItsABughunt edited by cotto
some initial comments on freeze/thaw and packfile (diff)
18:54 ItsABughunt edited by darbelo
The main complaints against this code have been adressed, let's remove it … (diff)
03:26 Ticket #1420 (Failed assertion when running 240th test in 01-regex.t in GGE) closed by jkeenan
fixed: Replying to masak: > > Would it be possible for you to build …
00:13 ArrayTasklist edited by kurahaupo
Add "invariant array" section. Remove deprecation of "Array" as it's been … (diff)


22:47 Modules edited by cotto
typo fix (diff)
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PLA is in use by Matrixy and is mostly stable for now. Bump to Beta stage (diff)
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