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21:18 Ticket #1428 (pbc_merge breaks c++ build) closed by cotto
fixed: This was fixed in r47388 by using enums in op_info_t instead of casting …
21:17 GCSweepFreeImplementation created by chromatic
20:46 GCSizeTuning created by chromatic
09:06 Ticket #1431 (Register assigned to .local string variable is mis-remembered) created by Austin_Hastings
Summary: A .local variable stored in S1 is referenced in a key constant as …
08:16 Ticket #1430 (Change trace offset numbers to hex format) created by Austin_Hastings
pbc_dump, as well as every other dumping tool on the planet, outputs in …
04:22 Ticket #1429 (Add -L support to parrot-nqp) created by Austin_Hastings
The installed parrot-nqp binary does not support passing through various …
03:04 Ticket #1393 (src/gc/api.c: Intermittent test failures at line 245 since r43211) closed by jkeenan
fixed: No complaints in the specified time period. Closing ticket.


16:29 Ticket #1428 (pbc_merge breaks c++ build) created by NotFound
At r43774 a C++ build fails: […] The problematic cases are …
16:23 BranchDescriptions edited by coke
11:07 Ticket #1427 (RetContinuation PMC) created by bacek
Hello. Solely purpose of RetContinuation was to quickly recycle …
05:30 CottoTasklist edited by cotto
02:47 Ticket #776 (segfault in Parrot_str_equal...) closed by coke
worksforme: Can't reproduce.
02:45 Ticket #350 (Move wiki pages over from tpf to trac) closed by coke
fixed: Thanks to Casey West, the old wiki now redirects to the new wiki.
02:45 Ticket #1304 (Parrotcode.org docs show up before parrot.org on web searches) closed by coke
00:38 Ticket #1425 (pbc_merge does not correctly adjust constant offsets for parameter names) closed by cotto
fixed: Thanks to Austin this bug was fixed in r43767.
00:35 Ticket #1419 (pbc_merge doesn't correctly merge) closed by cotto
fixed: Thanks to Austin's patch in TT #1425 (r43767), pct now passes its tests …


18:17 Ticket #1426 (C3 linearizer fails on two plain (P6object) classes) created by Austin_Hastings
This test code: […] fails when fed to parrot-nqp: […] Since the …
12:40 ChrootSetup edited by allison
12:35 ChrootSetup edited by allison
12:32 ChrootSetup edited by allison
12:26 ChrootSetup edited by allison
12:17 ChrootSetup edited by allison
00:44 Ticket #402 (make html's generated pages should mention the version) closed by coke
fixed: This has been present in the footer for some time.
00:39 Ticket #351 ([TODO] Merge parrotcode.org into parrot.org) closed by coke
fixed: Parrotcode.org now redirects to parrot.org; any old content is still in …
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