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23:47 GCSizeTuning edited by chromatic
Implemented. (diff)
23:30 Ticket #1443 (Segfaults possibly caused by pool compaction bug) created by jonathan
Hi, We've been seeing some roaming segfaults when running the Rakudo …
21:01 Ticket #1441 (t/run/options.t: new failures in 14 tests) closed by chromatic
fixed: Fixed in r43941.
15:57 Ticket #1442 (Sub PMC should support getattribute) created by Austin_Hastings
The Sub PMC identifies itself, under class, as being an instance of the …
15:54 Ticket #1441 (t/run/options.t: new failures in 14 tests) created by jkeenan
Observed on Linux/i386 at r43936. Test was fine at r43921, so problem was …
15:00 Ticket #1440 (parrot-nqp does not parse { in string correctly) closed by Austin_Hastings
wontfix: Aha! This is related to interpolating {...} closures in qq strings. Not a …
14:56 Ticket #1440 (parrot-nqp does not parse { in string correctly) created by Austin_Hastings
09:49 Ticket #1383 ([PATCH] add a cli option to set Parrot's hash seed) closed by cotto
fixed: After bacek moved the parseopts code out of imcc, the mysterious failures …


23:38 Ticket #1439 (pbc_dump: Mark branch targets in -d mode) created by Austin_Hastings
pbc_dump -d shows opcodes but does not indicate branch targets: […] …
23:25 Ticket #1438 (pbc_dump: Indicate sub/method boundaries in -d mode) created by Austin_Hastings
The disassembled output of pbc_dump run with -d is a long string of hex …
23:16 Ticket #1437 (pbc_dump: don't skip varargs words in -d mode) created by Austin_Hastings
See #1425 for an example of this, but when pbc_dump is running in -d mode …
05:35 Parrot Dictionary edited by Util
02:31 CFunctionDocs edited by mikehh
up to r43915 (diff)
02:29 CFunctionDocs edited by mikehh
bring up to date at r43915 (diff)
01:53 Parrot Dictionary created by Austin_Hastings
01:52 WikiStart edited by Austin_Hastings
Added dictionary link (diff)


21:58 Ticket #1436 (Crash on parsing unknown command line arguments.) created by fperrad
On Windows/mingw, the following command: […] causes a popup window with …
20:28 BranchDescriptions edited by coke
20:27 BranchDescriptions edited by coke
09:05 Ticket #1435 (Tru64 report) created by gerd
My experience with Parrot on Tru64: After building my own Perl 5 I was …
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