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21:53 Ticket #1423 (pirc breaks headizer) closed by cotto
fixed: Thanks to bacek++ this was fixed in r43969 and r43971.
19:20 Ticket #1447 ([NQP-rx] failure to capture two duplicate subrules in the same rule) created by allison
I ran into a problem with nqp-rx grammars in a mini-language I'm working …
13:03 Ticket #1446 (Exception PMC 'clone' does not work) created by Austin_Hastings
Exception is defaulting its clone VTABLE , which does nothing useful since …
10:23 Ticket #1445 (Add ResizableStringArray.get_number VTABLE function) created by Austin_Hastings
NQP uses exclusively Numeric math, and if a string is split, the result is …
08:51 Ticket #644 (target 'make hello' broken) closed by gerd
worksforme: This bug is fixed in changeset r43950 and r43964. It can be switched back …


22:18 Ticket #1443 (Segfaults possibly caused by pool compaction bug) closed by jonathan
fixed: Fix seems to work. :-) Resolving ticket. Thanks, Jonathan
03:39 Ticket #1444 (Test failures in t/run/exit.t) created by doughera
For revision r43946, I'm getting 4 test failures in t/run/exit.t on …
00:57 Ticket #1436 (Crash on parsing unknown command line arguments.) closed by bacek
fixed: Finally fixed in r43947.


23:47 GCSizeTuning edited by chromatic
Implemented. (diff)
23:30 Ticket #1443 (Segfaults possibly caused by pool compaction bug) created by jonathan
Hi, We've been seeing some roaming segfaults when running the Rakudo …
21:01 Ticket #1441 (t/run/options.t: new failures in 14 tests) closed by chromatic
fixed: Fixed in r43941.
15:57 Ticket #1442 (Sub PMC should support getattribute) created by Austin_Hastings
The Sub PMC identifies itself, under class, as being an instance of the …
15:54 Ticket #1441 (t/run/options.t: new failures in 14 tests) created by jkeenan
Observed on Linux/i386 at r43936. Test was fine at r43921, so problem was …
15:00 Ticket #1440 (parrot-nqp does not parse { in string correctly) closed by Austin_Hastings
wontfix: Aha! This is related to interpolating {...} closures in qq strings. Not a …
14:56 Ticket #1440 (parrot-nqp does not parse { in string correctly) created by Austin_Hastings
09:49 Ticket #1383 ([PATCH] add a cli option to set Parrot's hash seed) closed by cotto
fixed: After bacek moved the parseopts code out of imcc, the mysterious failures …
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