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19:40 Ticket #1472 (Namespace.get_pointer_keyed is TOTAL KLUDGE) created by whiteknight
Namespace PMC contains this gem of a comment: […] Why is it a kludge, …


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11:04 Migrating to NQPrx edited by Austin_Hastings
Added note about integer indexing (diff)
02:29 Ticket #362 (optimize freeze_size) closed by plobsing
done: The recently merged tt362 branch has a new pmc, ImageIOSize, that returns …


22:23 Ticket #1471 (http://www.parrot.org/dev/examples doesn't use color coding.) created by coke
The child pages have color coding as expected, but the sample examples do …
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21:05 PIRReference created by shockwave
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Add dbm-dynpmcs to the Modules page (diff)
16:23 Ticket #1470 (Create a get_numeric_pmc VTABLE) created by whiteknight
the get_integer and get_number VTABLEs are limited because they return a …
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bring up to date at r44170 (diff)
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