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18:31 Ticket #1483 (optimization for mixed_cs_index) created by mls
The attached patch speeds up mixed_cs_index by calculating the codepoint …
15:48 Ticket #1482 (index op failure) closed by coke
fixed: Fixed in r44496; The mixed_cs_index function had two iterators, one for …
15:12 Ticket #1482 (index op failure) created by pmichaud
The index op seems to fail when certain unicode strings are used: […] …
02:51 LoritoPrimitives edited by cotto
fill in some more descriptions, remove Lorito name field (diff)
02:30 ParrotQuotes edited by cotto
whiteknight takes things a bit too far (diff)
02:25 Ticket #1481 (P6metaclass.register does not catch second registration of PMC Class) created by Austin_Hastings
Registering a PMC class works. Registering the same class a second time …
00:27 LoritoPrimitives edited by cotto
add min: and max: (diff)


23:34 LoritoPrimitives edited by cotto
add some of the simpler smalltalk operations (diff)
10:36 Ticket #1480 (Preprocessing using parrot -E fails) created by uniejo
In revision 44472 preprocessing fails $ echo ".HLL 'test1'" | ./parrot -E …
00:15 Ticket #1479 (Improve random-ness of Parrot_range_rand) created by Austin_Hastings
Parrot_range_rand(min, max, ignored) returns a number between min and max, …


03:14 Ticket #1478 (t/pmc/iterator.t: split test) created by jkeenan
perlcritic.t flagged a TODO comment in this file. So it must be …
02:46 Ticket #1477 ([embed] expose non-vararg-based sub/method call-ins) created by plobsing
The embedding API currently exposes Parrot_ext_call to provide call-ins on …
02:11 Ticket #1476 (t/compilers/pct/past.t: Complete desired tests) created by jkeenan
Two TODO comments were being flagged by perlcritic.t and are here …
01:50 Ticket #1145 (extend/embed API functions for calling subs/methods) closed by plobsing
fixed: Replying to coke: > Only two functions remain to be removed: …
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