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18:36 Ticket #1502 (Test that "make corevm" works as expected) created by dukeleto
It seems that often a refactor causes "make corevm" to build more than it …
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13:33 CallingConventionsTasklist edited by allison
11:10 Ticket #1501 (parrotthread.pmc - PMC has attributes but no auto_attrs or manual_attrs) created by mikehh
In the build a warning is generated which I had not seen before checking …
03:57 Ticket #1500 (API to tell which opcode group an opcode is in) created by dukeleto
I am currently hacking on PL/Parrot and one of the very important features …


22:32 Ticket #1499 (Null pointer dereference in imageio.pmc) created by arnsholt
Running Parrot r44371, Rakudo bf29be, OS X 10.6.2. When running perl6 …
20:35 Ticket #838 (Configure.pl mangles forwardslashed-flags for CL) closed by particle
fixed: this has been fixed in the rm_cflags branch, which has since been merged …
19:48 Ticket #1498 (gc_inf core breaks build.) created by coke
Apply this patch: […] as directed to enable gc_inf, and the build …
07:11 CallingConventionsTasklist edited by chromatic
Made the IMCC get_results/invoke ops order changes when generating PBC (diff)
00:00 Ticket #1497 (Expose 'meth_cache' attribute of class.pmc) created by Austin_Hastings
Taking over find_method for a class currently does not totally work …


15:47 Ticket #1496 (Parrot_String-related functions are only available from parrot/parrot.h) created by dukeleto
As reported by Joshua Tolley: […] Since only parrot internals should …
10:02 Ticket #1495 (MacOS and one WinXP TapTinder clients hanging on t/library/pg.t) created by mj41
# 11 MacOS > ps -Af | grep -E "(perl|parrot)" […] I think it was …
07:50 Ticket #1490 (remove prederef__ op and supporting code) closed by cotto
fixed: fixed in r44612
05:48 Ticket #1494 (factorial example in languages/squaak gives incorrect result) created by parthm
[squaak]% cat examples/factorial.sq # Copyright (C) 2008, Parrot …
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Mark a few items completed which I either know to be completed or are so … (diff)
00:56 Ticket #471 ([PATCH] stops spawnw tests from running on Win9x) closed by coke
wontfix: Sorry for the delay in responding - win9x isn't on our list of targeted …
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