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22:11 OSCON2010Perl6Hackathon created by dukeleto
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21:13 OpenSourceBridge2010Hackathon created by dukeleto
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03:12 Ticket #1400 (1.9.0 Compilation on Mac) closed by coke
invalid: When parrot installs, it keeps versioned files/dirs so that multiple …
02:45 Ticket #122 (-t4 broken (r34808)) closed by coke
fixed: This no longer occurs with a parrot of the 2.1.0 vintage.
01:33 Ticket #1484 (Number of errors reported by "prove" too high) closed by coke
invalid: This test file doesn't exist in the parrot repository, and errors in prove …
00:59 Ticket #693 (Add 'Wiki' to top row buttons at http://www.parrot.org) closed by coke
fixed: Replying to jkeenan: > Replying to jimmy: > > I'd …
00:47 Ticket #1508 (broken links on parrot.org) closed by coke
fixed: (wasn't drupal++, it was the web caching software, which osuosl++ has …
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done, thanks to darbelo++ (diff)


18:17 GitObjections edited by tewk
14:40 Ticket #1509 ("new ['FixedStringArray'], -5" core dumps) closed by dukeleto
fixed: I added the same guards for all the other fixed array PMC's in r44877 as …
12:54 Ticket #1509 ("new ['FixedStringArray'], -5" core dumps) created by dukeleto
12:25 Ticket #1508 (broken links on parrot.org) created by parthm
On the 'How to Get Involved' page (  http://parrot.org/dev/get-involved ) …
09:19 Lorito edited by mj41
see also (diff)
07:45 Ticket #1507 (VTABLE_init_int does not work on key constants) closed by dukeleto
fixed: chromatic++ fixed this in r44866 and I added tests in r44868
06:19 Ticket #1507 (VTABLE_init_int does not work on key constants) created by dukeleto
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