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23:47 Ticket #1516 (Allow a build directory to be specified to Configure.pl) created by dukeleto
To facilitate cross-compiling environments, it would be nice if we had …
21:18 Ticket #1515 (Duplicate named args cause fatal error in subs) created by Austin_Hastings
Calling a sub with duplicate named args: […] triggers an error: […] …
19:28 Ticket #1493 (Avoid repeated STRING constans with the same value) closed by NotFound
done: Days had passed and a new release is out without any problem related to …
19:23 Ticket #895 (Towards automatic allocation and deallocation of PMC attributes) closed by NotFound
done: The tracking and planning of the evolution of this feature is now in TT …
17:58 Ticket #1144 (MMD incorrectly matches _ instead of String) closed by whiteknight
fixed: Fixed in r44986
16:37 Ticket #1514 (NQP-rx doesn't check storage mode for contextuals) created by Austin_Hastings
Reading from a contextual ($*foo) variable checks for a dynamic lexical, …
14:15 Ticket #1513 (Test::Builder formats TODO tests wrong/poorly) created by Austin_Hastings
Test::Builder.todo claims to record the test description and reason for …
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12:28 Ticket #1512 (NQP-rx generates bad access code for non-twigiled attribute) created by Austin_Hastings
This code, with twigil: […] Generates this pir: […] Whereas this …
08:22 Ticket #1511 (op result_info is broken in pcc_hackatron branch.) created by bacek
Hello. Due reordering get_results/invoke opcodes result_info is totally …
03:35 Ticket #1510 (NQP-rx doesn't create PMC for string // expressions) created by Austin_Hastings
[…] Produces: […] The bad part of the code seems to be: […] Note …
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03:22 Creating Closures with NQP-rx created by Austin_Hastings
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