and .


21:31 Ticket #1172 (Lexical Associations Not Thawed with Tailcalls) closed by bacek
fixed: Actually problem was with freezing/thawing Sub.outer_sub. Fixed in r45133. …
17:46 Ticket #1528 (Continuations still interact badly with .return) created by arnsholt
Related to #1521. It seems that the issue as reported is fixed, but if the …
12:41 Ticket #1527 (Despite pdd15, add_role ignores role attributes) created by Austin
PDD15 promises that role attributes are merged into any class the role is …
12:30 Ticket #1526 (editor/skeleton.pir cleanup.) created by coke
We should probably document that this file is intended for parrot …
10:09 Ticket #1405 (get_results opcode before call) closed by bacek
done: pcc_hackatron branch was merged into trunk. Resolving ticket.
09:57 Ticket #1521 (Continuations interact badly with .return) closed by bacek
fixed: Issue was resolved in pcc_hackatron branch. Test added in r45123. …


22:28 Ticket #1525 (improved NCI/FFI) created by allison
The existing interface to and implementation of NCI needs refinement. See …
22:21 Ticket #1524 ([RFC] model and implementation of lvalue semantics) created by allison
Need an HLL-friendly model for lvalue semantics; see …
22:13 Ticket #1523 (subroutine leave semantics/exit handlers) created by allison
Various HLLs need the ability to attach arbitrary handlers on …
22:04 Ticket #1522 (sweep-free gc) created by allison
Implement a sweep-free garbage collector. Useful, not high-priority.
21:35 NQP-rx Tricks created by Austin_Hastings
21:24 HLL Resources edited by Austin_Hastings
15:27 BranchDescriptions edited by coke
update from script. (diff)
06:31 NQP-rx Operator Precedence Parsing edited by Austin_Hastings
06:29 NQP-rx Operator Precedence Parsing edited by Austin_Hastings
06:22 NQP-rx Operator Precedence Parsing edited by Austin_Hastings
05:21 NQP-rx Operator Precedence Parsing created by Austin_Hastings
04:00 HLL Resources edited by Austin_Hastings


23:46 Ticket #1521 (Continuations interact badly with .return) created by arnsholt
I'm trying to implement non-deterministic search (backtracking), for a …
09:45 Ticket #1511 (op result_info is broken in pcc_hackatron branch.) closed by bacek
fixed: Actually, I implemented explicit set_result_info opcode without touching …
03:50 Ticket #1520 (P6metaclass cannot derive from already-`register`ed PMC type) created by Austin_Hastings
Registering a PMC-proxy seems to be enough to prevent its use as a parent …
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